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Soybean products will debut

In 2010, Valent will launch its new INOVATE System – a seed-applied insecticide/fungicide combination for soybeans. INOVATE contains Valent’s clothianidin insecticide (NipsIt INSIDE insecticide, which is expected to be registered in late 2009 for use in soybeans), plus a custom combination of ipconazole and metalaxyl fungicides (RANCONA Xxtra) that will come from Chemtura Corporation.

These three super-systemic active ingredients in INOVATE protect soybean seeds and seedlings while guarding against diseases and insects throughout the most critical developmental stages. Additionally, INOVATE features Valent’s proprietary Lock Tight Technology for maximum performance in the field.

Valent also will be introducing clothianidin-based Belay Insecticide for use as a foliar treatment for aphids, stink bugs and other pests in soybeans and cotton. Belay is designed to help growers combat late-season pests. Belay also is expected to receive registration in late 2009.

Seed treatment insecticide

Syngenta Seed Care has announced that Cruiser seed treatment insecticide has been approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for use on rice. Syngenta Seed Care will package Cruiser with three seed-delivered fungicides and sell as CruiserMaxx Rice insecticide and fungicide combination. CruiserMaxx Rice will offer rice growers protection against major early season insects and diseases.

CruiserMaxx Rice will provide powerful protection against grape colaspis, rice water weevil, thrips, chinch bugs and secondary insects, as well as diseases such as Pythium, Rhizoctonia, Phytophthora and seed-borne Pyricularia grisea.

“Arkansas growers saw great results using Cruiser on rice during the Section 18 registration in March 2009,” said Chad Stone, Syngenta Seed Care marketing manager. “We are excited rice growers across the Mid-South will now be able to witness the incomparable protection of Cruiser in time for the 2010 planting season. In addition, when packaged with the market-leading fungicides – Dynasty, Apron XL and Maxim – rice growers will have the best all-round protection available.”

“CruiserMaxx Rice will protect rice plants against insects such as grape colaspis and rice water weevil,” said David Long, Syngenta Seed Care technical manager. “In turn, growers will see increased plant stands and improved yield potential. We’ve seen up to a 19 percent stand increase in field trials and are excited to see the product combination work on more growers’ fields.”

“The combination of a powerful, proven insecticide and three separately registered fungicides will offer growers a wide spectrum of control against pests and diseases,” Long continued. “The plants are protected before the seed even germinates.”

In addition, rice treated with Cruiser has shown more robust and vigorous plants via the Thiamethoxam Vigor effect. This has resulted in stronger stems, increased root mass and a more visible difference in plant height and color. To purchase CruiserMaxx Rice, growers should contact their local seed company or retailer.

New rice herbicides offered

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has approved federal registration for GRASP XTRA and REBELEX rice herbicides, according to Dow AgroSciences. The two new herbicides provide growers with more convenient, broad-spectrum control of grasses and broadleaf weeds, such as sprangletop and barnyardgrass. Additionally, the dual mode of action in each herbicide supplies producers with less product mixing and fewer products to handle.

“GRASP XTRA and REBELEX round out our rice herbicides portfolio and give growers more control options,” says Hub Miller, marketing specialist for Dow AgroSciences. “These products were developed with direct input from rice producers and consultants – they asked for products like this and we were able to deliver them.”

GRASP XTRA contains two proven modes of action by combining penoxsulam, the active ingredient in GRASP SC herbicide, and triclopyr. This conveniently packaged product delivers broad-spectrum control targeting tough broadleaf weeds and barnyardgrass. GRASP XTRA delivers the comprehensive weed control needed to complete the CLEARFIELD system.

It can be tankmixed with Newpath herbicide in early season applications to provide highly effective control. It also can be used in conventional, long grain, medium grain or hybrid production.

REBELEX is a unique, targeted solution for growers utilizing non-conventional or water-seeding planting practices. Containing the active ingredients penoxsulam and cyhalofop-butyl, it supplies growers with a dual mode of action that controls sprangletop, barnyardgrass and broadleaf weeds. In addition, REBELEX offers growers added residual control with a wider window for application timing. The new REBELEX also works well in both CLEARFIELD and conventional systems and can be tankmixed with Newpath or Beyond herbicide. To learn more, go to

Large disk harrow available

Humdinger Equipment Ltd. has designed the 455 CDH (pictured above) using the same techniques and quality assurance processes that you find in the world’s best construction equipment.

According to the company, the 455 CDH is the most useful tool for farming rice, corn, wheat, and sunflowers. It provides early and cost-effective stubble management and seedbed preparation. Dry out rice stubble quickly for a complete burn in the fall.

This harrow can level field ruts and rough fields in the spring and stimulates germination of weed seeds prior to pre-planting knockdown herbicide application. This implement allows early access to fields to start crop preparation. Dry out the surface and expose dark soil to the sunlight for soil temperature management pre-planting.

The 455 CDH has a 40 percent larger chain than the competition for more aggressive performance, abrasive resistant high strength steel disks, and the wheels and axles are heavy duty eight-hole products with a 2 3/4-inch spindle.

All tires and wheels are the same size. A tool box is installed. For more information, visit or call toll free 1-888-999-4909.

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