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New Soybean Varieties Offered

Companies describe best sellers and new offerings. 


As soybean acres continue to increase, so do variety options for Southern soybean producers. Delta King Seed Company and Cache River Valley Seed, LLC, are offering their industry favorites along with new choices for the upcoming season.

For 2006, Delta King offers soybean varieties with a history of helping Mid-South growers pay bills and several new ones that are expected to be even better contributors toward big yields and a solid bottom line. All of the Delta King varieties presented here feature high yield potential, a good disease package and the Roundup Ready gene.

According to Bill Rushing, Research & Seed Production Manager for Delta King Seed Co., “Our varieties offer the traits that Mid-South soybean growers demand, including stem canker tolerance, excellent yield potential and wide adaptability on all soil types.”

The proven performers include two Group IVs – DK 4461 RR and DK 4967 RR – and one Group V – DK 5567 RR.

DK 4461 RR has been a consistent yielder on the farm and in university plots. It offers an excellent disease package and works in all soil types.

DK 4967 RR works well in all soil types and offers good Frogeye Leaf Spot tolerance – in fact, it has one of the best disease packages of any variety on the market.

DK 5567 RR, which has been available for two years, performs well on all soil types. It’s an excluder for chloride soils, and it also provides an excellent disease package. It has been a top yielder in the Arkansas OVT tests for the past two years, and its high yield potential has been proven in other states’ OVTs.”

Delta King Seed Co., a family-owned seed business based in McCrory, Ark., is one of the largest privately owned soybean companies in the United States. Offering Roundup Ready and conventional products in different maturity groups, the company is a leading proponent for the expanded use of SoyDiesel in the Mid-South. For more information and details on performance data, visit their Web site

Made the ‘short list’
Cache River Valley Seed, LLC, which is a large regional seed processor and dealer in Cash, Ark., maintains the extensive Southern lineup for MorSoy soybean varieties.

MorSoy’s Agronomist and Seed Production Manager Todd Heap notes that RTF4802N and RTF4993N have been listed on Mississippi soybean specialist Alan Blaine’s recommended variety “short list.”

He also points out that in the MoySoy lineup, RTF stands for Roundup tolerant, N represents cyst nematode resistance and RTS refers to a stacked variety – Roundup Ready and STS.

“RTF4802N is a late IV determinate variety that is suited for all soils, including gumbo,” Heap says. “It provides excellent Frogeye Leaf Spot protection and offers a very strong defensive package.”

Heap points out that RTF4993N, which is Cache River’s biggest selling variety, has a “racehorse” yield potential on heavier, gumbo soils, which is very rare, he says.

“In fact, all of our new lines have done very well in testing programs in 2005,” Heap says, “so we are ready for a full launch this year of RTF4485N, RTF4914N and RTS4955N and a limited launch of RTF4665N and RTF4755N.”

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Delta King Seed Co. and Cache River Valley Seed, LLC, contributed information for this article.

New Delta King Varieties

DK 4866 RR – Performs well in all soils.
DK 4667 RR – Works well in mixed to heavy soil. It’s the number three variety in the Mississippi performance trials, averaging 60.6 bushels per acre across all testing locations.
DK 4764 RR – Performs well in all soil types.
DK 3967 RR – A new Group III soybean variety that works well in all soils.
DK 52K6 RR – A new Group V variety that performs especially well on light to mixed soils. It’s an excluder for chloride soils and provides an excellent disease package as well as an excellent rating on Southern root-knot nematode. DK 52K6 RR offers high yield potential and is an excellent choice for late planting or double-cropping.

New MorSoy Varieties

RTF4665N – A very tall bean with good yield potential on heavy clays. Very good field tolerance to Stem Canker and Sudden Death Syndrome.
RTF4755N – A late bean with excellent yield potential across all soil types. Field tolerance to Stem Canker, SDS and Frogeye Leaf Spot.
RTF4485N – A tall bean with excellent yield potential in varying soil types and very good field tolerance to Phytophthora Root Rot, Stem Canker and Frogeye Leaf Spot.
RTF4914N – A tall bean with excellent yield potential across all soil types and XG1k Phytophthora Root Rot resistance. This variety also has very good field tolerance to SDS and White Mold.
RTS4955N – A late, stacked RR/STS soybean that yields on loam and clay soil types. Very good field tolerance to Phytophthora Root Rot, SDS and Stem Canker.