Soybean South


What’s New In ’09?

Following harvest, the late fall and winter months are a good time to take a look
at equipment and new products for the upcoming growing season.
Here’s a sampling of what today’s market offers.


GREAT PLAINS: With the introduction of its new Turbo-Chopper, Great Plains offers producers one more option for handling tough residue and breaking up root balls without giving up the benefits of vertical tillage. The Turbo design provides a “crisscross” pattern that sizes residue from two directions in one pass. At the same time, the 20-inch Turbo coulters on 10-inch spacing begin the fracturing process, which, when combined with the perpendicular action of the chopper reels, leaves a smooth profile that is level and uniform to the depth of the front coulters.


Boasting unmatched versatility via a choice of three openers and seven row spacing options, the new Yield-Pro YP40 Series planters from Great Plains can be virtually anything customers want them to be. Even the bulk hoppers on the YP40 are interchangeable between a seed company bulk box; an 82-bushel bulk hopper and a 150-bushel bulk hopper. If that’s not enough adaptability, a 1,600-gallon cart or a 1,600+400-gallon cart can be pulled behind the YP40 for starter and/or high-rate fertilizer. Other options that allow producers to customize a YP40 model to their specific needs include unit- or frame-mounted row cleaners, unit-mounted coulters, Keeton seed firmers, Seed-Lok firming wheels, Singulator Plus meters, finger pickup meters and a hydraulic hitch in lieu of a 3-point hitch.


A new seed tender with 3-axle chassis is now available from CrustBuster. Add speed and convenience to your planting season with the 240-bushel bulk seed tender with 6-inch tube with an 8-inch crescent top PVC belt and 3-piece telescoping discharge spout. Complete with 180-degree conveyor pivot range with motor controls located on the discharge end of the spout. 100 percent cleanout – no cross contamination. Available options include gas or 12V drive, liquid inoculation system, tri-axle frame and weigh scaler. 620-227-7106.

SYNGENTA: The EPA has issued a Section 3 registration for the use of Alto fungicide in soybeans. Alto is a highly systemic triazole fungicide containing the active ingredient cyproconazole. Providing residual curative activity, cyproconazole is one of the most effective triazoles currently available for Asian soybean rust control.

If Asian soybean rust is a threat, apply Alto preventively between the R1 and R2 growth stages for optimal control. However, Alto offers flexible timing; applications can be made through the R6 growth stage. Alto should be tankmixed with Quadris fungicide to provide extra protection during the critical growth stages when rust and other soybean diseases can be most damaging. 866-796-4368.

BASF/MONSANTO: BASF SE and Monsanto Company have signed an exclusive agreement for a new fungicide seed treatment solution for soybeans in the United States. The new product contains BASF’s top-selling fungicide F 500, the same active ingredient found in Headline fungicide with its disease control and plant health benefits. The treatment, which is expected to be commercialized in conjunction with the launch of Monsanto’s Roundup Ready 2 Yield soybean seed offering, will provide soybean farmers with early-season disease protection, which results in improved stand and extra vitality. Under the agreement, Monsanto will have exclusive rights to commercialize the new fungicide seed treatment in soybeans.

In 2009, Monsanto plans a controlled commercial release of Roundup Ready 2 Yield soybeans that will be treated with a proprietary treatment containing F 500. Roundup Ready 2 Yield soybeans are the second generation of Monsanto Roundup Ready soybean technology that will deliver top-end yield potential. and

: The TurboDrop Variable Rate (TDVR), is an entirely new nozzle for expanded operating ranges. It operates between 30 and 140 psi, achieving a 3x rate across this pressure range, allowing greater speed changes, different application rates for different fields or variable rate applications in a single field. The TDVR nozzle utilizes the unique Venturi Technology, producing air-filled droplets for on-target performance, coverage and canopy penetration. The TDVR continues the TurboDrop modular two-piece design, allowing any number of pattern configurations to be used, including Flat Fans, Twin Fans, Floods and Fertilizer (Streaming) nozzles. 800-881-4832.