Soybean South


2009 Soybean Varieties

This section offers a partial listing of soybean varieties suited for the Southern
growing region. For more offerings, contact your local seed representative.



AG4606 (RR/STS)
• Relative maturity: 4.6
• Stacked with Roundup Ready technology and STS seed product
• Medium-tall with lower branches, offers excellent standability and holds its height well under stress
• Packaged with Race 3 soybean cyst nematode resistance and Rps1c Phytophthora protection
• Chlorine excluder
• Versatile product across all geographies
• Tawny product with tan pods at harvest

AG4705 (RR)
• Mid Group IV Roundup Ready product
• AG4705 adds Peking Soybean cyst nematode resistance to Race 1, 3 and 5 nematodes
• In 2007, its best performance was in stress yield environments
• Large plant type that requires placement on thinner silt loams and clay soils
• Strong performance where yields have been stagnant from nematodes, especially on clay-based soils
• Phytophora protection with Rps1a major gene

AG4907 (RR)
• Late Group IV Roundup Ready product
• Introduced as a potential step change in performance to Asgrow late Group IV lineup
• Race 3 soybean cyst nematode resistance
• Rps1c Phytophthora protection along with good field tolerance and excellent stem canker tolerance
• Full-season, tall plant type packaged in a light tawny brown phenotype with good standability under most situations
• Excellent choice for the Mid-South early planted system

AG5304 (RR/STS)
• Strong performing early Group V soybean with Roundup Ready technology sulfonylurea tolerance (STS seed product)
• Performs well on clays and loams; however, this medium bushy plant type will be shorter on poorly watered clays
• Excellent standability in growthy environments
• Light tawny with large seed size
• Susceptible to soybean cyst nematode
• Good tolerance to Southern stem canker and frogeye leaf spot

AG5405 (RR/STS)
• A 5.4 Roundup Ready and STS seed product with a compact plant type
• High-yielding product suited for silt loam soils
• Rps3a Phytophthora protction and excellent tolerance
• Medium bushy with gray pubescence
• Moderate resistance to Race 3 soybean cyst nematode

AG5606 (RR)
• Excellent mid Group V product
• Resistance to Races 1 and 3 soybean cyst nematode derived from Peking
• Tolerant to Southern root knot nematodes
• Ideally suited for both clays and mixed soils
• Bushy plant type fills wide rows well
• Medium plant height holds on tougher soils

• Roundup Ready product with excellent height potential and improved agronomics than AG5903 brand
• Adapted to wide and narrow rows
• Size and capability to handle clay soils similar to AG5903, but with more yield and standability across environments
• Phytophthora field tolerance protection and good tolerance against Southern stem canker
• Resistant to Race 3 soybean cyst nematode

AgVenture Midsouth

• Tawny 4.5 indeterminate
• Excellent frogeye tolerance
• All soil types with high yield

• Tawny 4.9 indeterminate
• Excellent field seed quality
• Resists seed shatter

• Gray 5.0 indeterminate
• Quick to canopy
• Mixed to heavy soil types
• Excellent stem canker and SDS resistance

• Tawny 5.1 indeterminate
• Stunning bold plant type
• Excellent double-crop choice

• Tawny 5.4 determinate
• Resistance to stem canker
• Excluder with moderate root knot resistance

AgVenture North Carolina

• Early with yield
• Wide adaptation
• Excellent shatter resistance
• Tested and proven in the South

• Attractive mid-Group IV
• Strong yields for the Mid-South and the East Coast
• Vigorous early growth

• Great vigor, gives early canopy
• Excellent shatter resistance
• Stands well through harvest

• Yield leader in its maturity
• Top yields on better soils
• Medium plant, great standability

• New late Group IV variety, with stress tolerance
• Excellent emergence
• Very good shatter resistance

• Early Group VI, bred for the Southeast
• Great tolerance to SDS
• Works well on most all soils
• Workhorse performance


• Double stacked RR/STS line
• Adapted to all soil types and row widths
• Excellent choice for early season planting
• Excellent standability

• High-yielding short RR/STS line
• Well adapted to light and medium soils
• Excellent disease package
• Top responder to high input situation

• Adapted to all areas and soil types
• Consistent high-yielder
• Good choice for high or low soil pH
• Best on 30-inch or narrow rows

• Gumbo clay special
• Excellent height
• Very high yield potential

• Excellent choice for double-crop planting
• RR/STS line highly adapted to silt loam and clays
• Solid disease package
• Good stress tolerance

• Medium bush plant
• High tolerance to soybean root knot (RKN)
• Excluder to soil chlorides
• Adapted to wide range of soil types

• Sandy loam to silt loam yield leader
• Solid disease package
• Blond adapted to all row widths RT5506N
• Total disease package (SDS, stem canker, and frogeye)
• Excluder to soil chlorides
• Multi-race SCN resistance
• Best fit sandy loam to silt loam soil types

NK Brand

S41-R6 Brand
• Added trait: Roundup Ready
• Relative maturity: IV-1
• High yielding with excellent stress, SDS and PRR field tolerance
• Also provides Race 3 SCN resistance and moderate Race 14 SCN resistance
• Medium height and bushy plant with excellent standability

S43-N6 Brand
• Added trait: Roundup Ready
• Relative maturity: IV-3
• Race 3 and 14 SCN resistance with excellent PRR field tolerance and very good SDS tolerance
• Fast-emerging soybean with good stress tolerance

S44-D5 Brand
• Added trait: Roundup Ready
• Relative maturity: IV-4
• Top-yielding variety with Race 3 and 14 SCN resistance, excellent PRR field tolerance with the Rps1c gene and above average SDS tolerance
• This medium height and bushy plant delivers improved standability over older varieties and excellent performance in stress conditions

S47-D9 Brand
• Added trait: Roundup Ready
• Relative maturity: IV-7
• High-yielding with frogeye leaf spot resistance, Race 3 and 14 SCN resistance, above average PRR field tolerance with the Rps1c gene and very good SDS tolerance
• Medium-height plant – dependable with excellent standability

S74-W6 Brand (Southeast only)
• Added trait: Roundup Ready
• Relative maturity: VII-4
• Race 3 and 14 SCN resistance, good PRR field tolerance and good resistance to frogeye leaf spot and stem canker
• Excellent for irrigated, high-yielding Southern environments


94Y20 (RR)
• 4.2 RM
• SCN Race 3 resistance
• Phytophthora resistance via Rps1k
• Outstanding shattering tolerance

94Y70 (RR)
• 4.7 RM
• Above average tolerance to SDS and stem canker
• SCN Race 3 resistance
• Superb field emergence, standability and shattering tolerance

94Y90 (RR)
• 4.9 RM
• Excellent stem canker tolerance
• Outstanding shattering tolerance and standability
• SCN Race 3 resistance

95Y20 (RR)
• 5.2 RM
• Strong disease tolerance package – including Phytophthora, SDS and stem canker
• SCN Race 3 resistance
• Very good tolerance to Southern root knot nematode

95Y40 (RR)
• 5.4 RM
• Phytophthora resistance via Rps1k
• SCN Race 3 resistance
• Superior shattering tolerance and standability

97M50 (RR)
• 7.5 RM
• Superb tolerance to southern root-knot nematode and frogeye leaf spot
• SCN Race 3 resistance
• Outstanding standability and shattering tolerance

Terral Seeds

• RM 4.6
• Excellent yield stability year to year
• Outstanding drought tolerance
• Responds well to irrigation
• Bushy canopy with fast spring growth
• Adapted to all row widths
• Great disease package

• RM 4.7
• Very high yield potential
• Great yield consistency
• Produces best on narrow rows
• Great standability in cotton soils, but also great in clay

• RM 4.8
• Proven stable high yield performance
• Strong stem strength
• Excellent disease package

• RM 4.9
• Offers maximum genetic gain in tough ground conditions while being widely adapted to multiple production methods and row widths
• Highly adapted to lower latitude locations within the Mid-South
• Well adapted to clay soils and flood irrigation
• Excellent disease package for consistent yield

• RM 5.5
• Grower documented #1 MG V in the Mid-South!!
• Produces best in clay and silt soils and tolerates flood irrigation
• Great dry-down and high harvest seed/stalk index
• Thrives in tough growing conditions while shooting for the moon in good conditions

• RM 5.9
• Great in rice rotation
• Clay or loam soils
• Resists lodging
• Responds well to irrigation

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