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  • 2014’s Southern Soybean Varieties
    Soybean varieties suited for the Southern growing region. For more offerings contact your local seed representative.
  • GA Variety Selection Tips
    Making the proper variety selections is extremely important to the overall success of a soybean crop, according to Jared Whitaker, a member of the soybean team with the University of Georgia.
  • Industry News
    Arkansas soybean breeder honored


  • Editor's Note
    More soybean acres, slower demand, lower prices?
  • Dangers Of Irrigating With Low-Quality Water
    Intensive watering practices are a major concern for producers in areas where irrigation water contains elevated levels of salt.
  • Industry Spotlight
    Leadership, education and research all have been recognized recently within the Southern soybean states via an endowed chair at MSU and a new president of SSDW.
  • Early & Late Soybean Pest Management
    Soybeans are affected by both early and late-season insect pests. New pesticide formulations now provide more convenient and effective products to help manage these challenges.
  • Industry News


  • Editor's Note
    Soybeans stage their own rally.
  • Arkansas Yield Challenge
    Winners of the 2012 Go for the Green Yield Challenge announced.
  • Learn From 2012
    Check herbicide labels for rotation restrictions to avoid carryover issues. Make timely applications of
    preemergence herbicides to provide a clean seedbed at planting to help the crop get off to a strong start.
  • Insecticide Double Punch
    New product introductions and research are giving soybean growers more options to fight key
    pests that have been problematic over the past several years
  • Industry News

  • MS Retailer Wages War On Weeds
    Industry program recognizes proactive efforts of retailers, crop consultants and county Extension agents in the fight against weed resistance.
  • SoilWeb App Accesses Soil Surveys
    The NRCS’s Web Soil Survey began as an online tool for pulling up soils information. Now this smartphone app provides a much faster way to retrieve ‘all things about soils.’
  • FFA ‘Pod Patrol’ Heads To The Field
    Tennessee’s Dyer County FFA members participated in a fun and educational in-field experience by scouting the latest in soybean technology during the 2011 season.
  • Editor's Note
    FFA: U.S. Agriculture’s Bright Future

  • Varieties ’12
    This section offers a partial listing of soybean varieties suited for the Southern growing region
  • Soybean Farmer Finds 5-Bean Pod
    When first-time soybean farmer Lonnie Ingram of Braman, Okla., walked into his field of Asgrow Genuity Roundup Ready 2 Yield soybeans, he was surprised with what he found: a five-bean pod.

  • Unwanted Bean Pests
    Redbanded stink bug, the brown marmorated stink bug and the kudzu bug are the ‘three big ones’ that Southern soybean producers need to watch out for.
  • MS Delta Retailer Honored
    Special program recognizes retailers, consultants and county Extension agents who are proactively involved in the fight against weed resistance.
  • Why Irrigate?
    Whether surface or sprinkler irrigation methods are used, the moisture availability that they provide creates the potential for increased yield over dryland production.
  • Problem Weeds
    Tennessee and Mississippi Delta soybean farmers share their strategies for effective weed control programs.
  • From the Editor
    Market Analyst Asks, ‘More Of The Same?’

  • Varieties ’11
    This section offers a partial listing of soybean varieties suited for the Southern growing region
  • The VRT Payoff
    Arkansas producer sees big benefits in grid sampling, variable rate technology and a consultant-designed program.
  • Product News
    Check out the latest information in the soybean products’ arena.
  • From the Editor
    Limit Up! USDA’s October Surprise

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