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Foliar-Applied Manganese

Foliar-applied Manron-F supports strong and healthy plant growth
and provides vital nutrients that increase yield potential.

This season, Mid-South soybean growers will have the opportunity to benefit from unique nutrient technology that many Midwest growers employed last year. Manron-F is a foliar-applied manganese product designed to support strong and healthy plant growth and provide vital nutrients for reproduction. Research and field experience have shown that Manron-F tankmixed with glyphosate increases yields on Roundup Ready soybeans while maintaining excellent weed control.

4.3-bushel-per-acre yield increase
Dr. John Bradley, FBSciences vice president of technical sales development, says, “FBSciences introduced Manron-F last season in the Midwest and marginally in the South, based on 2007-08 field testing and extensive testing at Agricenter International in Memphis, Tenn. We worked with different rates, timing and tankmixes with glyphosate. The treatment that shows the best results is adding one quart of Manron-F to the second or last application of glyphosate at the V-5 to R-1 growth stage of soybeans.

“This past season, randomized/replicated field tests as well as on-farm strip trials validated these results. All tests gave positive results. Fifteen measured and reported tests in the Midwest averaged a 4.3-bushel-per-acre yield increase.

“Manganese is a key element in the reproductive process of soybeans. We also compared Manron-F with several other manganese products and Manron-F always came out on top. FBSciences has a special proprietary fertilizer technology that allows the manganese to rapidly enter the soybean leaves and is fully mobile in the xylem and phloem (circulatory system) of the plant. Manron-F is a very refined product that mixes well with all glyphosate formulations.”

The nutrients in Manron-F are uniquely formulated to be efficiently absorbed by the foliage and translocated to all the plant parts where manganese is needed. Studies have shown that glyphosate is a strong chelator and tends to interact with micronutrients, rendering them unavailable to the plant for several weeks after application. Manron-F corrects this temporary impediment and makes micronutrients immediately available in Roundup Ready beans, thereby increasing yield potential.

No flashing or stress
“One of the comments that we hear from Midwest farmers and dealers who applied Manron-F with the last pass of glyphosate is they do not see the flashing or stress often seen on soybeans when glyphosate is applied alone,” Bradley says. “The soybeans are greener and healthier and typically put more and bigger beans in Manron-F treated pods.”

FBSciences assembled a marketing/sales force in the Midwest in early 2009 to introduce Manron-F and other FBSciences’ nutritional products, including Zicron-F, thus more growers in that region were able to try Manron-F. This season FBS has hired Scott Sivils as the Mid-South regional marketing manager to introduce Manron-F to the South.

“Timing and multiple applications of FBSciences technology micronutrients are some keys to gaining maximum yield potential in soybeans,” Bradley says. “For example, applying Zicron-F along with fungicides is important in zinc- deficient soils, especially in the early reproductive stage of the soybeans. Zicron-F supports plant health and increases yield potential. One Midwest farmer who used Manron-F and Zicron-F called us while harvesting last fall to say he had never harvested 80+ bushel beans in his life, but said that his yield monitor was showing that many beans actually were running into his hopper.”

FBSciences provided information for this article. To learn more, visit or call (866) 360-7598.