Soybean South


2011ís Southern Soybean Varieties

This section offers a partial listing of soybean varieties suited
for the Southern growing region. For more offerings,
contact your local seed representative.

AgVenture Midsouth

44X1RR™ brand
• Versatile and consistent in all regions
• Solid results three years running
• Plant exhibits good height and shatter resistance
• Indeterminate with Rps1K and SCN Race 3

• Solid early maturity choice for the Delta
• No. 1 on clay soils with excellent stress tolerance
• Tall, narrow plant profile
• Strong tolerance to Frogeye Leaf Spot

• Attractive mid-Group IV SCN product
• RR/STS stacked product works well in the Delta
• Very good tolerance to Stem Canker and Frogeye
• Best suited to fertile productive soils

47A3RR™ brand
• Big, tough indeterminate for Southern clay
• “C” gene for PRR
• Very good tolerance to Frogeye and Stem Canker
• Chloride excluder with R3 SCN resistance

• New late Group IV indeterminate that is widely adapted
• R3 SCN resistance
• Very good Sudden Death tolerance
• Shares parentage with our popular Southern product AV50D2NRR

49C9RR™ brand
• Impressive plant type with height and width
• K gene for PRR and good R3 SCN resistance
• Excellent score against seed shatter
• Positive field notes for appearance, and shows its pods

• Time-tested product for the Delta
• High yield indeterminate with great defensive package
• Tolerates both Frogeye and Sudden Death
• Resistance to Race 3 SCN and Stem Canker

• Taller indeterminate for Delta clays
• Excellent Phytophthora field tolerance
• Resistant to Stem Canker plus a good Sudden Death score
• Fast emergence and vigorous early growth

• Shining star in the Delta since 2007
• Excellent and unique plant type in an early Group V indeterminate
• RR/STS stack with medium seed size
• Resistance to Stem Canker plus good PRR field tolerance

53C3RR™ brand
• Strong Nematode resistance package to both SCN and Root-Knot
• Very good Phytophthora Root Rot field tolerance
• Frogeye Leaf Spot tolerance is well above average
• New VPMaxx brand product outperformed 53A1RR in 2009 testing

• Leading mid-Group V for the South
• Sturdy determinate for most all soil types
• Resistant to Stem Canker and Soybean Mosaic Virus
• Chloride excluder with moderate SCN and Root-Knot resistance

AgVenture North Carolina

Roundup Ready

• High yield
• Late Group III

• Top-end yield

• New variety
• Mid-Group IV

• Consistent yields
• Salt excluder

• Great shatter resistance

• Yield leader in East Coast trials

• Versatile, with great standability

• New, early Group VI
• Nice tawny

• Great all around
• Works on any soil type

• New number for weed resistance issues

• New number for weed resistance issues


MorSoy Round Up Ready Soybeans

• Medium height, tawny
• Late Group 4 excluder
• Excellent resistance to several diseases
• Responds very well to all soil types

• Late Group 4, excellent yield potential
• RR/STS for improved weed control options
• Adapted to most soil types/row spacings

• Early Group 5, excellent yield potential
• Excluder with a good disease package
• Works well on silt loam to clay soils

MorSoy Xtra Round Up Ready 2 Yield Soybeans

Morsoy Xtra 46X29
• Excellent yields on mixed to clay soil types
• Excellent SDS tolerance

Morsoy Xtra 48X00
• Medium height for loams to mixed dirt
• Excellent SDS tolerance

Morsoy Xtra 54X10
• Indeterminate – adapted to mixed soils
• Good tolerance to FELS and Stem Canker
• Excellent yields

NK Brand

S46-U6 Brand (RM 4.6)
NK-1 Class; SCN; Roundup Ready
Top Yields With Consistency
• Excellent Soybean Cyst Nematode protection with very good tolerance to Frogeye Leaf Spot
• Well adapted to all row widths and tillage systems, good height for double crop
• Strong performance in the Mid-South, Delta and the Southeast

S49-A5 Brand (RM 4.9)
NK-1 Class; SCN, Roundup Ready
New – Exceptional Yielder
And Agronomic Package
• Excellent Sudden Death Syndrome and Frogeye Leaf Spot tolerance
• Rps1k gene and strong Phytophthora Root Rot tolerance; great standability
• Chloride excluder with Southern Stem Canker resistance

S49-H7 Brand (RM 4.9)
SCN, Roundup Ready
Outstanding Yield Potential
With A Strong Disease Package
• Strong SCN resistance combined with resistance to Stem Canker and good tolerance to SDS
• Very good field tolerance to Phytophthora Root Rot; good tolerance on high pH soils
• Excellent emergence, standability and stress tolerance

S51-T8 Brand (RM 5.1)
NK-1 Class; SCN, Roundup Ready
High-Yielding Soybean With Superior SDS Tolerance
• Very good standability and stress tolerance
• Excellent Stem Canker tolerance
• Indeterminate, good double crop choice
• Chloride excluder

S52-F2 Brand (RM 5.2)
SCN, Roundup Ready
Top-End Yields Across All Environments
• Outstanding disease package: Soybean Cyst Nematode, Frogeye Leaf Spot, Stem Canker and Southern Root-Knot Nematode protection
• Excellent emergence and stress tolerance for soil type flexibility
• Good Sudden Death Syndrome tolerance

S56-L5 Brand (RM 5.6)
SCN, Roundup Ready
Excellent Yields; Good SDS Tolerance
• Excellent Southern Root-Knot Nematode resistance and Stem Canker tolerance
• Very good standability and stress tolerance
• Medium height, medium-bush plant type

S56-G6 Brand (RM 5.6)
NK-1 Class; SCN, Roundup Ready
New – Top-End Yield Leader
• Excellent standability and Frogeye Leaf Spot tolerance
• Rps1k gene for Phytophthora Root Rot tolerance
• Chloride excluder



Pioneer 94Y40 (RR)
• 4.4 RM
• SCN Race 3 resistance
• Phytophthora resistance via Rps1k
• Outstanding Southern adaptation

Pioneer 94Y70 (RR)
• 4.7 RM
• Above average tolerance to SDS and Stem Canker
• SCN Race 3 resistance
• Superb shattering tolerance along with very good field emergence and standability

Pioneer 94Y90 (RR)
• 4.9 RM
• Excellent Stem Canker field tolerance
• Outstanding shattering tolerance
• SCN Race 3 resistance

Pioneer 95Y01 (RR)
• 5.0 RM
• Strong field emergence
• SCN Race 3 resistance
• Tall plant in an indeterminate variety

Pioneer 95Y20 (RR)
• 5.2 RM
• Strong disease tolerance package – including Phythophthora, Stem Canker
• SCN Race 3 resistance
• Excellent tolerance to Southern Root-Knot Nematode

Pioneer 95Y30 (RR)
• 5.3 RM
• Above average field emergence
• Average plant height; determinate variety
• Moderate Phytophthora field tolerance

Pioneer 95Y40 (RR)
• 5.4 RM
• Phytophthora resistance via Rps1k
• SCN Race 3 resistance and Stem Canker tolerance
• Superior standability and field emergence

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