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New world-record soybean yield
Kip Cullers, from Purdy, Mo., recently established a new record yield, confirmed by the new 100 Bushel Club, at 160.6 bushels per acre. This mark tops Cullers’ previous world record of 154.57 bushels per acre established in 2007 and is now the third world-record yield the innovative grower has achieved. In every instance, Cullers used Optimize 400 from EMD Crop BioScience or a previous formulation of Optimize to ensure a fast start and season-long vigor for his soybeans.

Cullers also used an experimental foliar-applied crop growth-enhancement product from EMD to attain his new record yield. Optimize 400 is a seed-applied product that contains LCO Promoter Technology, a naturally occurring molecule that enhances root and shoot development, nodulation and nitrogen fixation immediately and independently of the environment and soil conditions. The product also includes an elite

Bradyrhizobium japonicum inoculant for improved nitrogen fixation throughout the growing season.

“If you’re going to have a good soybean crop, what takes place under the ground is probably more important than what happens above the soil’s surface,” Cullers says. “The more feeder roots you put in that soil profile, the more nutrients your plants take up, which results in more yield.

“With Optimize, you’ll also see more nodules on the roots and that means the plant will have better nitrogen fixation throughout its life,” he adds. “Inoculating your soybeans makes so much sense. When beans are trading at $11 a bushel, Optimize costs about a third of a bushel to apply. At a minimum, it’s cheap insurance.”

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BASF announces Verdict herbicide
Verdict herbicide, once called Integrity herbicide, is now labeled for soybeans.

Verdict, powered by Kixor herbicide technology, is a corn preemergence herbicide product with the flexibility of use for soybeans. Verdict is a solution for preemergence burndown and residual control of 46 of the toughest weeds in soybeans, corn and grain sorghum. For more information, visit your local retailer or

Nematicide approved for soybeans
EPA approved Avicta 500 FS nematicide for use on soybeans. Avicta will be available to soybean growers in combination with separately registered Cruiser seed treatment insecticide and an ApronMaxx seed treatment fungicide as Avicta Complete Beans.

“As a first-of-its-kind seed treatment product combination, Avicta Complete Beans is a convenient, seed-delivered solution for nematode control in soybeans,” says Chad Stone, crop manager, Syngenta Seedcare.
Avicta seed treatment nematicide provides immediate protection against all major non-cyst forming nematode species, including root-knot, reniform, stubby-root, lance, stunt and sting nematodes. Providing effective nematode protection from the time the seed is planted helps promote stronger plant stand, vigor and emergence – establishing the foundation for better yield potential.

Herbicide receives expanded label
DuPont Resolve SG herbicide has re-ceived federal registration for a label expansion. The expanded label will allow Resolve SG to be tankmixed with glyphosate and 2,4-D or dicamba for improved, longer-lasting burndown activity and control of many grasses and broadleaf weeds through crop emergence. The new label also allows growers to apply Resolve SG (1.0 ounce per acre) to corn from preplant through preemergence or as a fallow treatment, then plant cotton or STS soybeans 30 days later.