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    Partial Premium Payback
    The USDA’s Risk Management Agency has put forward a Good Performance Refund proposed rule with the intent of returning a portion of a farmer’s out-of-pocket premium based on his or her good insurance experience. Click here to read more.

    Partial Insurance Premium Payback
      The intent of RMA’s Good Performance
      Refund proposed rule is to return a
      portion of qualified farmers’ out-of-
      pocket insurance premiums insurance
    Mixed Bag Of Beans
      Mississippi soybean yields varied
      widely by region.

    ISTs – A Viable Option
      Results of insecticide seed treatment
      studies revealed.

    Bed Height, Longevity
      How did yields respond in this five-year
    Market Price Factors

    MOA Postemerge
      NC farmer describes his experience with
      new weed control tool.
    Early Season Weed Control

    From the Editor
      Soybeans Not Completely Out
      Of The Picture
    Product News
      Check out the latest information in the
      soybean products’ arena.