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    Mississippi Retailer Recognized
    for proactive weed resistance management. Click here to read more.

    MS Retailer Wages War On Weeds
      Industry program recognizes proactive
      efforts of retailers, crop consultants
      and county Extension agents in the
      fight against weed resistance.
    SoilWeb App Accesses Soil Surveys
      The NRCS’s Web Soil Survey began
      as an online tool for pulling up soils
      information. Now this smartphone app
      provides a much faster way to retrieve
     ‘all things about soils.’
    FFA ‘Pod Patrol’ Heads To The Field
      Tennessee’s Dyer County FFA
      members participated in a fun and
      educational in-field experience by
      scouting the latest in soybean
      technology during the 2011 season.

    Editor's Note
      FFA: U.S. Agriculture’s Bright Future