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    Arkansas Yield Challenge
    The Arkansas Soybean Association has announced the winners of the 2012 Go for the Green Yield Challenge, which is funded by the Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board. Click here to read more.

    Editor's Note
    Soybeans stage their own rally.
    Arkansas Yield Challenge
    Winners of the 2012 Go for the
    Green Yield Challenge announced.

    Learn From 2012
    Check herbicide labels for rotation
    restrictions to avoid carryover issues.
    Make timely applications of
    preemergence herbicides to provide
    a clean seedbed at planting to help
    the crop get off to a strong start.

    Insecticide Double Punch
    New product introductions and
    research are giving soybean
    growers more options to fight key
    pests that have been problematic
    over the past several years

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