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    Dangers Of Irrigating
    With Low-Quality Water
    Growers throughout the Mid-South have grown accustomed to experiencing hot and dry conditions throughout the months of May and June. Click here to read more.

    Editor's Note
    More soybean acres, slower demand, lower prices?
    Dangers Of Irrigating With
    Low-Quality Water

    Intensive watering practices are a major concern for producers in areas where irrigation water contains elevated levels of salt.

    Industry Spotlight
    Leadership, education and research all have been recognized recently within the Southern soybean states via an endowed chair at MSU and a new president of SSDW.

    Early & Late Soybean Pest Management
    Soybeans are affected by both early and late-season insect pests. New pesticide formulations now provide more convenient and effective products to help manage these challenges.

    Industry News