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Rice Americas 2009

By Brenda Carol print email

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Rice Americas 2009 conference was held in Miami, Fla., May 12-14.
According to Dwight Roberts, president and CEO of the U.S. Rice Producers Association, “The event, designed to bring together rice industry leaders and business people from throughout the Western Hemisphere, turned into a true international conference with participants from all around the world representing 37 countries. Hosted by The Rice Trader publication and the U.S. Rice Producers Association, this conference was held for the first time in the United States as an annual meeting with the objective of assessing the market of the Americas and where it fits in the total global trade equation.”

Following are pictorial highlights from the event.

photo1   photo2
Mario Solorzano, a board member of both the Guatemala Rice Association (ARROZGUA) and the Central America Rice Federation (FECARROZ), visits with Jeremy Zwinger of The Rice Trader during the Rice Americas 2009 registration. Mario is an executive with Los Corrales rice milling company in Guatemala.   Left to right are Tomas Padilla (Peru), Luis Gasco (Peru) and Mairson Santana (Brazil). Mr. Padilla and Mr. Gasco are rice millers in Peru and officers of APEMA (Peru Rice Millers Association). Mr. Santana is an agronomist with Agro Norte Research & Seed, a company located in Mato Grosso and in the southern Amazon River basin. Agro Norte specializes in seed research and production with a focus on upland rice.
photo1   photo2
Jeremy Zwinger, Roger Johnson (president of the National Farmers Union and a former Ag Commissioner from South Dakota) and former U.S. Agriculture Secretary Ed Shafer enjoy a moment on the first day of the Rice Americas 2009 conference held at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Miami, Fla.
  Participants from Latin America, in particular, enjoyed the comments of Fred Clark, vice-president of Cornerstone Government Affairs in Washington, D.C., with regards to the Obama administration, the ag policy outlook and the effects on trade.
photo1   photo2
Jose Mejia, president of FECARROZ, the Central American Rice Federation and a rice mill executive for Arrocero San Francisco in El Salvador, updates conference participants regarding the 400,000 acres of production with 65 operating mills in the “CAFTA” countries.   Jay Kapila, Chief Executive Officer for The Rice Company, gives his views of the current world rice market to a very attentive audience.
Dwight Roberts and Jeremy Zwinger enjoy a moment with an impressive young group of rice farmers from southern Paraguay, a country that is slowly emerging as an important rice producer with exports to Brazil.
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