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Farmers’ Tax Guide notes changes for 2008
Farmers preparing to file for the 2008 tax season should note that the Internal Revenue Service has changed its 2008 Publication 225, Farmers’ Tax Guide, according to a Nov. 26 IRS Web notice.

The IRS notes that on pages 2 and 66 under “Federally declared disasters,” Item two of the numbered list was changed to reflect the correct line number for the worksheet. It now reads: “You can deduct a net disaster loss even if you do not itemize your net disaster loss on line six of the Standard Deduction Worksheet – Line 40 in the Form 1040 instructions.”

The Farmers Tax Guide explains how the federal tax laws apply to farming. Farmers are urged to use the publication as a guide to figure their taxes and complete their returns. Go to www.irs.gov, then go to “Search” in the upper right hand corner and type in IRS Publication 225 Farmers’ Tax Guide.

Jazzman variety released
The LSU AgCenter has approved a new variety of aromatic rice to compete with foreign imports. The variety, named Jazzman, will be an alternative to jasmine rice that is imported from Thailand, LSU AgCenter officials said. Dr. Xueyan Sha, an LSU AgCenter rice breeder who developed the variety, said the project required 12 years of work to obtain a long-grain variety with good milling quality, high yield and the correct aroma and taste.

Jazzman will be available as foundation seed in 2009. Clarence Berken, chairman of the USA Rice Council and a rice farmer from Jefferson Davis Parish, said Jazzman could be a boost for Louisiana rice farmers. The Louisiana farmer noted that Jazzman will be identified as domestically grown rice because of the “Grown in the USA” logo being licensed by the USA Rice Federation for packaging and advertising.

Legacy Seed South announces 2009 soybean varieties
The soybean variety roster for 2009 is as follows for Legacy Seed South:

Legacy 47-57 RR is a 4.7 maturity, is built for yield, has excellent disease resistance, excels on mixed to light soils and is an excluder. Legacy 49-57 RR is a 4.9 maturity, a consistent performer, likes tough conditions, is a big hitter on heavy ground and takes water well.

The Legacy 54-17RR/STS variety is a 5.4 indeterminate maturity, has a unique appearance, excellent disease resistance and top yields on mixed and light soil. Plant it early or doublecrop.

Legacy 55-56 RR is a 5.5 maturity total package soybean, excels in tough soils, is a high-yielder and an excluder. Legacy 47-39 LL is a 4.7 maturity, has Liberty Link management, excels on mixed to heavy soils and is a tall, strong bean. You get a clean field with yield. Legacy 49-39 LL is a 4.9 maturity with Liberty Link trait management, high yield potential, likes mixed to light soils and works well as a doublecrop bean.

Visit www.legacyseedsouth.com.

2009 Rice Leadership Development Class named
Rice Foundation Board chairman Marvin Hare has announced the members of the 2009 Rice Leadership Development Class. The program consists of an intensive two-year schedule focused on personal development and building communication skills for the next generation of rice industry leaders.

2009 Leaders

Pictured above are Rice Foundation chairman Marvin Hare, far left, and leadership class sponsor representative John Deere’s Greg Hart, far right. Beginning second from left are class members Chad Duckworth, Kirk Satterfield, Brandon Bauman, Tom Butler, Kyle Stovesand and Josh Sheppard. Class member John Earles is not pictured.