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Halomax 75 herbicide receives EPA registration

Aceto Agricultural Chemical Company announces that it has received an EPA registration for Halosulfuron herbicide for use in rice, corn and other crops. This herbicide will be sold as Halomax 75 and will be available for the 2009 use season. It will compete directly with Permit herbicide.

According to Mike Feinman, president, “Halomax contains the same active ingredient and concentration of formulation as Permit. Halomax 75 offers rice and corn producers an economical alternative for the control of yellow nutsedge, hemp sesbania and other hard to control broadleaf weeds.”

Halomax 75 was evaluated by the University of Arkansas, Mississippi State University, LSU AgCenter, University of California and Dr. Ronnie Helms – G&H Associates, Stuttgart, Ark. Findings show Halomax 75 gave control of yellow nutsedge and other tough weeds equal to Permit.

Clearfield rice stewardship on-line training module

According to RiceTec, one of the most important factors farmers are faced with today is protecting the Clearfield technology in rice.

Follow the Stewardship link to RiceTec’s Web site to view the most current RiceTec Technical Bulletin, which addresses Clearfield rice stewardship and RiceTec hybrid rice at www.ricetec.com.

BASF has created a Clearfield Rice Stewardship On-line Training Module as part of its commitment to promote, communicate and support the Clearfield Production System for rice.

To access the Clearfield Rice Stewardship On-line Training Module, please visit agproducts.basf.us/edu/clearfield/ or follow the link under the Stewardship section at www.ricetec.com. As a token of appreciation, BASF will send a gift to the first 750 growers completing this training.

Ward says, ‘Stars are aligned in favor of Cuba’

The Obama administration could restore full trade with Cuba, the president of the USA Rice Federation said at the annual joint meeting of the Louisiana Rice Council and the Louisiana Rice Growers Association on Jan. 29.

“The stars are finally aligned in favor of Cuba,” says Betsy Ward.

She reports efforts are under way to change payment requirements for Cuban rice purchases. Free trade agreements are also pending for Colombia, Panama and Korea. These agreements also could work in favor of U.S. rice producers.

Jim Guinn, USA Rice vice president for trade, says Cuba has the potential to purchase 600,000 metric tons of rice. The largest sale of rice to Cuba in recent years under restrictive trade terms totaled 175,000 tons in 2004, Guinn recalls.

But Guinn says Cuba has yet to recover after a series of devastating hurricanes last year, which has limited the island nation’s spending ability.

Feeling the credit crunch?

“Farm Plan has great financing options for spring-purchased hybrids,” says RiceTec’s marketing manager Chad Duckworth. “The March Farm Plan Program offers zero percent until March 31, 2009, followed by prime + 1 percent APR. For May-purchased products, Farm Plan offers prime + 1.75 percent APR, and both programs are to be paid in full on your December 2009 Farm Plan statement.”

RiceTec will extend a credit offer to those who wish to purchase RiceTec hybrid rice seed for 2009. The May price from RiceTec’s pricing scale will be extended for this special offer, the company says. However, payment is not due until harvest.

RiceTec says that interest on the credit will accrue at 1 percent per month on any unpaid balance until 45 days after harvest or Oct.1, whichever comes first. An additional 0.5 percent interest per month will be added for payments received after Oct. 1, 2009. There will be no penalties assessed for pre-payment.

RiceBeaux herbicide boasts effective one-two punch

A new rice herbicide from RiceCo will provide growers with broad spectrum contact and residual weed control. RiceBeaux’s weed spectrum fills troublesome gaps in the Clearfield program, making it an excellent compliment to Newpath herbicide.

RiceBeaux kills a wide variety of the toughest weeds, including barnyardgrass, sprangletop, fall panicum, coffeebean, aquatics and many others. Plus, it has two modes of action to prevent weeds from developing resistance. According to RiceCo, it is the most effective one-two punch you can get for Clearfield or conventional rice.

“RiceBeaux has two modes of action, so it meets the resistance management criteria that RiceCo is known for,” says RiceCo’s Matt Plitt.

Combined, RiceBeaux’s active ingredients control some of the most troublesome weeds in the rice field from the pre-emergent stage until preflood.

RiceBeaux can be tank-mixed with Newpath in the Clearfield Production System or serve as the foundation for conventional rice crops.

Manufacturers introduce their largest planter ever

John Deere and Bauer Built Mfg. usher in a new era of efficiency for row-crop producers with the introduction of their largest planter ever – the all-new DB120. This 120-ft. wide, 48-row, 30-in. spacing planter is the most productive row-crop planter available. It’s ideal for customers who desire high levels of productivity from a single tractor, one-planter set up.

“When hitched to a 9030 Series tractor equipped with a GreenStar guidance system, you’ve got a row-crop planting solution that’s 30 percent more productive than our 36-row, DB90 planter,” says Rob Rippchen, division manager, marketing, John Deere Seeding.

Depending on field conditions, Rippchen estimates the DB120 can plant 90 to 100 acres/hour when operating at 5 to 5.5 mph. John Deere dealers will take orders for DB120 planters later this summer.

New ‘Grown in the USA’ logo licensees

As of March 3, 2009, the following rice companies have licensed the Grown in the USA logo for use on packaging containing rice grown and packaged in the United States for domestic and worldwide markets.

In addition, two Arkansas restaurateurs have agreed to feature the logo on menus and in promotions to show their support for the domestic rice industry.

• Bertrand Farms
• Doguet’s Rice Milling Co.
• Falcon Rice Mill, Inc.
• Farmers Rice Milling Co.
• Hoppe Farms
• JPA Company
• Lowell Farms
• Louisiana Rice Mill
• Lundberg Family Farms
• Mars Food
• Producers Rice Mill
• RiceTec, Inc.
• Riceland Foods, Inc.
• Riviana Foods, Inc.
• Sem Chi Rice Products
• Sunwest Foods
• Specialty Rice

• Hendrix College: Conway, Ark.
• Trio’s Restaurant: Little Rock, Ark.
• Capi’s Restaurant: Little Rock, Ark.