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Stored grain – how to reduce customer complaints

Reducing Customer Complaints in Stored Products, by author and entomologist David Mueller, gathers together the knowledge from a career of experiences to help build a modern pest management program that improves customer satisfaction by reducing customer complaints.

Insects and mice are symptoms of a condition. When offered the conditions they do not like, they will leave or they will die. Throughout Reducing Customer Complaints in Stored Products, dozens of illustrations, case studies and practical tips from real life experiences are found. Order at 800-992-1991 or

Two new herbicides available in the rice market

Dow AgroSciences introduces two new weed management solutions, GRASP XTRA and REBELEX rice herbicides. According to the manufacturer, GRASP XTRA contains two proven modes of action by combining penoxsulam and triclopyr. This conveniently packaged product delivers broad-spectrum control, targeting tough broadleaf weeds and barnyardgrass.

GRASP XTRA delivers the comprehensive weed control needed to complete the CLEARFIELD system. It can be tankmixed with Newpath in early season applications to provide highly effective control. It also can be used in conventional, long-grain, medium grain or hybrid production.

While tailor-made for water-seeded culture in Louisiana, REBELEX fits all rice-growing geographies in the Midsouth. Containing the active ingredients penoxsulam and cyhalofop-butyl, it supplies growers with a dual mode of action that controls sprangletop, barnyardgrass and broadleaf weeds. In addition, REBELEX offers growers added residual control with a wider window for application timing.

REBELEX also works well in both CLEARFIELD and conventional systems and can be tankmixed with Newpath or Beyond herbicides.

Alternate formulation of lamba cyhalothrin insecticide

J. Oliver Products, LLC is pleased to an-nounce Samurai II C.S. with GAT Technology (Capsule Suspension), a 2.16 lb/gal. lambda cyhalothrin insecticide.

Syngenta’s Warrior II and Karate II with Zeon Technology are similar brand name products and formulation.

“We’re the first U.S. company to launch an alternate formulation of a lambda cyhalothrin insecticide with GAT Technology,” says company owner James Oliver. “This capsule suspension is a micro-encapsulation, which is less irritating than other non encapsulated products. Additionally, Samurai II C.S. is labeled for all major crops, including corn, soybeans, cotton, rice and wheat.”

Pit Monitor option offered

John Deere Agri Services has released the new Pit Monitor feature for the oneWeigh scale automation system. This option enables scale operators at grain handling facilities to automatically convey pertinent load information to operators at the receiving pits by using a pit monitor program and display screen.

The scale operator can configure what information to display such as vehicle ID, commodity description, pit number, grade information and comments.

The Pit Monitor automatically transmits load information from the oneWeigh system at the scale house to a PC in the receiving pit area to display the data in a clear, easy-to-read grid format on any type or size of monitor, eliminating the need for radio and paper communications.

Call 1-800-393-8971 or email Information about the oneWeigh system can be found at

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