2019 Rice Awards Nomination Form

Deadline: June 30, 2019

There are TWO ways to nominate:

2018 rice award winners
2018 Rice Award Winners (from left): Rice Farmer of the Year Skip Hula, Rice Industry Award recipient Earl Garber and Rice Lifetime Achievement winner Marvin Hare.

Either download/print/mail nomination

OR fill out the online form.

The Rice Farmer of the Year, Rice Industry Award and Rice Lifetime Achievement Award recognize those rice leaders who have demonstrated dedication, determination and innovation to the industry. We need your help to identify candidates who are worthy of these prestigious awards.

Please take the time to consider which industry members in your area should be recipients of these honors and mail or scan/email this form and supporting materials.


► Rice Farmer of the Year Award
• Must farm at least 200 acres.
• A farmer who has successfully achieved goals in his/her farming operation, rice industry association, community improvement/development, innovative production practices and/or environmental stewardship.

► Rice Industry Award
• Has been in the rice industry for more than five years.
• A researcher, Extension person, government/association leader, etc., who has demonstrated commitment to the rice industry through innovative practices, industry association, community involvement/development.

► Rice Lifetime Achievement Award
• Has been in the rice industry for more than 10 years.
• An industry leader who has provided great contributions to the rice industry through industry associations, community involvement/development, innovative practices/projects that have advanced the industry.

The award recipients will be honored at the USA Rice Outlook Conference, Dec. 10-12, 2019, in Little Rock, Arkansas, where an official presentation will be made at the awards luncheon. They also will be featured in a special salute sponsored by Horizon Ag, USA Rice and Rice Farming magazine in the December 2019 issue of Rice Farming.


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