Rice Quality Matters

Quality Begins At The Farm Level

JOE MENCER RICE PRODUCER LAKE VILLAGE, ARK. U.S. rice used to be known as the best quality rice in the world. Today, we are losing that reputation. If we are going to keep this industry alive, we’ve got to address the quality issue. In my experience, when buyers are grading rice, they are looking for low chalk, good milling yield ... Read More »

Rice Quality Matters

Ideas For Central America To Remain A Key Market CARLOS GONZÁLEZ ARGÜELLO BUSINESS MANAGER OF THE DEMASA RICE GROUP PRESIDENT OF FECARROZ SAN JOSE, COSTA RICA Because rice is an excellent basic food in Costa Rica and for many poor countries in the region, quality is important. Consumer surveys show that the three most important attributes are that the rice ... Read More »

Kellogg’s® Cereal Needs Specific Rice Qualities

DAN BIGELOW QUALITY INGREDIENT MANAGER KELLOGG COMPANY Kellogg’s® Rice Krispies® launched in 1928 as a puffed rice cereal with a unique feature – it “talked” in milk! Today, Rice Krispies are still made with the same simple process and continue to Snap! Crackle! and Pop! But these familiar sounds don’t happen with just any rice. The rice qualities needed to ... Read More »

High-Quality Rice Satisfies Farmers, Markets

John Morgan Vice President Louisiana Rice Mill LLC Crowley, La. Today, quality has got to come back into the discussion across all segments of the U.S. rice industry. We are seeing a higher demand for quality rice from our customers and have to strike a balance between a farmer’s goal for higher field yields and the market’s desire for higher ... Read More »