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Lakeland Planting Co.

Mississippi Delta growers keep rice in the mix After graduating from Mississippi State University (MSU), Chico and Pete Williams returned to the family farming operation near Hollandale, Miss. Their grandfather, Leo Williams established the farm in the early 1940s and was later joined by his son, Leo Williams, Jr. They were primarily cotton, cattle and soybean farmers at the time. ... Read More »

Carbon Offset Credits

ACR project begins in Califronia, aims for Mid-South expansion The American Carbon Registry (ACR) has recently listed a first-of-its-kind project aimed at rewarding rice growers for voluntarily reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The Emission Reductions in California Rice Management Systems project is the first aggregated agriculture project in the United States covering key rice-growing areas in Sutter, Colusa and Glenn Counties ... Read More »

Matching Wits with Mother Nature

“One of the things that I enjoy is the challenge of Mother Nature,” says Nik Wallenda, a 35-year-old American acrobat, aerialist, daredevil and high-wire artist. Described as “The King of the Wire,” he is known for his high-wire performances without a safety net. Among his many feats, he has traversed the Allegheny River, Niagara Falls and the Grand Canyon. Nik ... Read More »

Sliced bread or sausage?

Producers hope for eventual, meaningful risk protection for rice. Now that the dust has finally settled on the new Farm Bill – the Agricultural Act of 2014 (AA 2014) – one can understand why they say legislating is like making sausage. The legislative process followed by the AA of 2014 (where the House rejected the Farm Bill, which was then ... Read More »

Be Prapared on All Production Fronts

Greg Mooney – Pest Control Adviser, Simplot Grower Solutions Colusa, Calif. nlike many of my peers in the ag business community, I attended California State University at Sacramento – not known as an agricultural-based university – where I was able to obtain a B.S. degree in Biological Sciences. Today, I am a Pest Control Adviser for Simplot Grower Solutions in ... Read More »

Plan Ahead to Protect Your Investment

Gregory Harmon – G&H Seed Company Inc., Field Sales Representative Crowley, La. I grew up in Crowley, La., on a rice, crawfish and soybean farm. Throughout high school and college, I spent a lot of time helping out wherever I could and always had an interest in farming. I have been working in the agriculture industry since 2009 and currently ... Read More »

Under Pressure

When your back’s against the wall, you tend to think out of the box. If you find yourself in Arkansas rice farmer Jackie Ray Banks’s circumstances, you may have to think outside of the window, the planting window. Consider this scenario set on May 29, 2013. From March 3 to May 22, it had rained a total of 15.8 inches, ... Read More »

Ratoon acreage continues to increase

DR. M.O. “MO” WAY TEXAS Rice Research Entomologist moway@aesrg.tamu.edu This year about 130,000 acres of rice were planted in Texas – similar to the 2012 planting. For both years, most rice farmers along the Colorado River in Colorado, Wharton and Matagorda Counties were not able to tap this important source of irrigation water due to a continuing drought. However, rainfall ... Read More »

Focus On Weeds & Fertility

Focus On Weeds & Fertility Greg Pylman Pest Control Adviser, Wilbur-Ellis Company Willows, California I grew up on a small farm in the Delta. After graduating from Chico State, I had an opportunity to enter the fertilizer industry. I took the required proficiency exam to obtain a Pest Control Adviser license, went into sales at a fertilizer business, then joined ... Read More »

Addressing Challenges In 2013

Amy Beth Dowdy ABD Crop Consultants, LLC Dexter, Mo. When I was in college, I worked with Terra as a field scout from 1990-92. After that internship, I joined the company full-time as a consultant from 1992-96 and, in 1996, I started my own consulting business – ABD Crop Consultants, LLC. Today, I check rice in the Missouri Bootheel. In ... Read More »