Wednesday, August 17, 2022

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Pest management through plant defenses a focus of new Arkansas Agricultural Experiment Station entomologist

⋅ By Brittaney Mann ⋅ U of A System Division of Agriculture FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — Plants naturally equip themselves with defenses against insect herbivores. Understanding how...

Cover Story

Rice Leadership Development Program

Accolades abound for leadership program conducted by The Rice Foundation. ⋅ By Cassidy Nemec ⋅ Assistant Editor When Dr. Steve Linscombe was accepted into the Rice Leadership Development program in 1996, he likely didn’t think he would...


Irrometer Watermark Series: Construction Guide

Mississippi State Extension put together a publication covering the Irrometer Watermark series. The assembly guide below depicts the Irrometer Watermark 200SS, a granular matrix...

Jasmine-type aromatic rice line released

ARoma 22 is the third jasmine-type aromatic rice from the Arkansas Rice Breeding Program. ⋅ By John Lovett ⋅ A new jasmine-type aromatic rice called ARoma 22...

Daddy’s Got Dirt: A California Rice Story

⋅ By Cassidy Nemec ⋅ Assistant Editor Matthew Sligar always enjoyed the arts while growing up in a farming community, so it came as no surprise...

Market Update

Rice market update for the week ending Oct. 15, 2021

• By Scott Stiles • The focal point for the rice market this week was the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s monthly WASDE report released on...

Specialist Speaking

Disease and insect pests

Disease and insect pests Every season, the situation for disease and insects in rice is entirely different. Each is influenced greatly by environmental conditions, but...

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Keep your eye on the ball

If you were ever taught to play a sport successfully, you were probably told to keep your eye on the ball. Stay focused. Look...

USA Rice Update

Rice leading the way to zero

Last year, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration launched an initiative called “Closer to Zero” to identify actions the agency can take to reduce...

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