tractor working ground
old glory atop grain bins
Express rice harvest
washing a plane at Mack's Flying Service
green John Deere combines
multiple inlet irrigation
two california combines
loading rice
MSU field trials
sutter buttes, california
harvest at montna farms
  • Put to the test

    Put to the test

    FullPage hybrids performed as expected during challenging 2019 season • By Vicky Boyd, Editor • Despite challenging conditions, RiceTec’s FullPage herbicide-tolerant rice system performed as expected during the 2019 season with improved imidazolinone tolerance and agronomic traits similar to current ... Read More »
  • Brown rice variety packs antioxidant punch

    Brown rice variety packs antioxidant punch

    GEDrew is a brown rice with an odd kernel trait that sidelined its commercial prospects. Now, Agricultural Research Service scientists’ re-examination of the trait and its link to increased antioxidant levels could give the rice variety a new commercial lease ... Read More »
  • Program provides leadership succession planning

    Program provides leadership succession planning

    As I looked out at the attendees of the recent rice leadership program alumni dinner in Little Rock, Arkansas, I couldn’t help but notice how many of today’s leaders were graduates of the program. Possibly even more heartening was the ... Read More »