Gorrill Ranch

Pursuing excellence since 1918 Ralph Gorrill was born in 1884 in Oakland, Calif., the county seat of Alameda County and a teeming agricultural region. In 1917, he put his engineering background to work by helping to lay out and construct what is now part of historic 99E Highway between Durham and Nelson. While working on this project, a parcel of ... Read More »

Reduce Cost, Not Quality

Passion, preparedness and perseverance pay off John Durand’s father was one of nine children raised in the agriculture industry. He farmed for a short time but left to start a construction company – the only sibling to break from the family business. However, Durand chose the path of generations before him. As a kid, he spent time each summer on ... Read More »

Is Scouting For Rice Diseases Effective?

Scout for presence and level of disease in each field By Don Groth LSU AgCenter In times when rice prices are low, producers must keep production costs low. One area to save money is on fungicide applications. Applying a fungicide when needed can greatly improve the return you receive from a crop. But applying a fungicide when it is not ... Read More »

Meeting Peak Demand

Bulk bag filler speeds packaging at Kennedy Rice Mill Because the Louisiana rice harvest takes place primarily over two months, it places a huge demand on the area’s processing capacity. Any delay in moving the processed rice to market can result in severe cash flow problems for growers. To deal with this peak demand, Elton Kennedy, one of the largest ... Read More »

Milling yield evaluation

Rice farmers call for U.S. grading modernization. B.J. Campbell Rice Producer, Quilin, Mo. Chairman of the Board,  USRPA Rice is unique among the agricultural products grown in the United States because a number of its quality attributes are visual, based on color. Some of you may remember the big stink that resulted 10 or so years ago over the definition ... Read More »

Insecticide Seed Treatments

By Dr. Jarrod Hardke University of Arkansas The three main insect pests of rice in Arkansas are grape colaspis (Lespedeza worm), rice water weevil and rice stink bug. Of these, grape colaspis and rice water weevil have traditionally been the most difficult to manage. The most damaging stage of both is the immature stage that feed on roots in the ... Read More »

Richard Farms

I have great memories of riding on the tractor with my daddy late at night. My parents made sure we spent time with both of them regardless of season. This sometimes meant going to meet dad. Christian and I do the same thing. I met him this afternoon to exchange papers, and I left with one less kid that I lost to his infatuation with the “big tractors!” That time is important for these three kids to not only see what we are doing but to be able to spend good interactive time with us. They come to the farm office with me, ride the tractor with dad, help bring lunches to the field and are around when we are harvesting. They do think that dad built them the biggest indoor bike rink since he built his farm shop next to our home! Read More »

Improving the rice futures contract: USA Rice at work

The contract must be structured to promote convergence. The rice futures contract is not a particularly efficient hedging tool, so four years ago the USA Rice Federation formed the Rice Futures Contract Working Group to study the issue and look for ways to improve the contract’s performance. Our contract struggles with low volume and episodes of wild basis swings (the ... Read More »

When Rice Shakes The World

Thought-provoking ideas about the future By Carroll Smith Editor The subtitle reads: “The Importance Of First Grain To World Economic & Political Stability.” Indeed, these words do hint at the theme, but upon settling into this masterfully written, easy-to-read book by Milo Hamilton, the essence of When Rice Shakes the World proves to be much more. The book is extremely ... Read More »

Adapt To Planting Challenges

Be prepared to adjust herbicides and application timings Heavy rainfall interfered with rice planting in 2014, complicating weed control. Protecting rice crops and preventing yield loss required continuous evaluation and adjustments to weed management programs. Johnathon Morris, an Arkansas consultant, felt the changes of the season. Like many, he had to alter herbicide choices and application timings. Weed Spectrum With ... Read More »