U.S. rice – an eye on markets

On its anniversary, USRPA looks back at 2014 and ahead to 2015. December marks the 17th anniversary of the US Rice Producers Association, or USRPA. Today, it remains the only national rice organization comprised of rice farmers, elected by rice farmers and representing rice farmers in all six rice-producing states with support from U.S. and foreign rice businesses. Let’s look ... Read More »

Brazil as ‘exporter player?’

2014 indicates supply/demand equilibrium for Mercosur rice sector. Definitely, the rice business in the Mercosur countries of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay are no longer what they used to be up to five years ago. Up to that time, we had Argentina and Uruguay producing rice almost exclusively for the Brazilian domestic market. In spite of being a relevant producer, ... Read More »

Sliced bread or sausage?

Producers hope for eventual, meaningful risk protection for rice. Now that the dust has finally settled on the new Farm Bill – the Agricultural Act of 2014 (AA 2014) – one can understand why they say legislating is like making sausage. The legislative process followed by the AA of 2014 (where the House rejected the Farm Bill, which was then ... Read More »

United States and Cuba

Are we moving forward? Now that the Farm Bill has been signed and that debate is over, it’s time for the U.S. agricultural community to give some serious attention to improving access to the Cuban market. In all honesty, it’s time for the U.S. Congress to show some good old fashioned leadership when it comes to this island country just ... Read More »

Plans Set for 2014 Convention

Costa Rice: A beautiful place to talk about rice. You never hear a bad word about traveling to Costa Rica. Fishing, volcanoes, gorgeous beaches, rain forests, jungle, exotic wildlife, great food and friendly people have been the reason many make Costa Rica a home away from home. Vacationing in Costa Rica has become a common destination for many Americans. All ... Read More »

Marketplace alternatives

South Louisiana Rail Facility is encouraging to area rice farmers. By Dwight Roberts President and Chief Executive Officer, USRPA No one said it would be easy. But faced with adversity, rice farmers in southwest Louisiana have been making it happen. Just like the movie Field of Dreams says, “Build it and they will come.” What once was a dream is ... Read More »

Identity Preservation: The key is selling the customer what he wants to buy.

By Dwight Roberts President and Chief Executive Officer, USRPA The U.S. rice industry spent years, decades, building a reputation for high-quality shipments to both domestic and export buyers. The superior quality of our rice resulted in prices to growers being higher than in competitor origins. Our rice was the best, and buyers paid a premium for it. That reputation suffered ... Read More »

USRPA update

Producer organization continues to focus on viable export markets. By Dwight Roberts President and Chief Executive Officer, USRPA The old saying, “There are no two years alike,” rarely fails to be true, and 2013 is certainly shaping up to be another unique version. Record cold spring weather, frozen Farm Bill progress and China: What next? With one in five of ... Read More »

Mercosur international access

Mercosur ships rice at more competitive prices the first half of the year when it is off-season in the United States and Southeast Asia. By Tiago Barata Owner of Agrotendências, Brazilian rice market news publication, Market Advisory Committee USRPA Over the past years, the ever increasing share of Mercosur countries, as major suppliers of rice to the international market, has ... Read More »

Fiscal issues and the Farm Bill

Resolving budget matters may be favorable for new Farm Bill. BY LINDA RAUN CHAIRMAN, USA RICE PRODUCERS’ GROUP USA RICE FEDERATION All eyes are on sequestration – automatic across-the-board spending cuts scheduled to kick-in March 1, and the expiration of the Continuing Resolution that keeps Uncle Sam going until March 27. With half the cuts in defense and the other ... Read More »