John Deere launches weed-detecting spray system

John Deere See & SprayJohn Deere has launched See & Spray, a system that detects green plant material on fallow ground to activate the system. Once weeds are detected by the camera, a signal is sent back to the controller.

Once the controller identifies an area of the field that’s green, a signal is sent across the boom to activate on specific nozzles. The number of nozzles activated can range from one to the entire boom based on weed pressure.

For non-fallow spraying, operators can change to a traditional broadcast from inside the cabin.

Using the Generation 4 Display, the system records where the herbicide was applied. It also provides a coverage map of the area where herbicide was not applied. This enables the operator to track performance.

Compared to traditional broadcast sprays, the See & Spray system can apply up to 77% less herbicide.

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