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Kellogg’s® Cereal Needs Specific Rice Qualities


Kellogg’s® Rice Krispies® launched in 1928 as a puffed rice cereal with a unique feature – it “talked” in milk! Today, Rice Krispies are still made with the same simple process and continue to Snap! Crackle! and Pop! But these familiar sounds don’t happen with just any rice.

The rice qualities needed to produce Rice Krispies are very specific. We use a medium grain variety that puffs when cooked. And, the rice must pass a rigorous testing protocol before it can be approved for use in our cereal.

The rice kernel has to be the proper size. It must be a whole kernel, without breaks or stress cracking. It must also be free of chalk, as rice that has chalk or exhibits fissures will not produce Rice Krispies. These characteristics are important to ensure we provide the same product enjoyed for generations.

There are many imitators in today’s competitive cereal market, but none equal to the original Kellogg’s Rice Krispies. We rely on quality rice from our growers to maintain our competitive edge. This helps us deliver a superior product to our consumers. For that reason, our commitment to rice quality is deeply rooted. We continue to build relationships with the farmers who grow our grains – to learn about their growing practices, the sustainability improvements they’ve made and how we can help drive future improvements. We want growers to know that when they buy our products, they are buying their own rice. It’s important they understand their critical role in our success. So together, we must work to promote rice sustainability – to ensure a quality supply of rice in the future.

To that end, we partnered with Louisiana State University AgCenter and the Louisiana Rice Mill to create a Master Rice Grower program. The program aims to drive environmental improvements in rice production and bolster social and economic well-being among farmer communities. Along with our growers, we are committed to rice quality, to provide products that nourish and delight our consumers.

rqm-Dan-Bigelow“We rely on quality rice from our growers to maintain our competitive edge. This helps us deliver a superior product to our consumers.”
– Dan Bigelow


• Specific rice qualities are needed to
produce Rice Krispies.

• Kellogg Co. needs a whole kernel that
is free of chalk.

• Relationships with rice farmers are
important to Kellogg Co.

• Kellogg Co. helped create a Master
Rice Grower program.

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