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Proven Performers


PVL03 and Provisia® Herbicide
The Best System for Weedy Rice Control

In 2022, Horizon Ag variety PVL03 and the Provisia® Rice System provided many farmers with the strong overall performance needed in a particularly challenging year — high yields, impressive milling quality, blast resistance and unmatched control of weedy rice and resistant grasses.

It was confirmation for Dr. Tim Walker, Horizon Ag general manager, that rice farmers now have a proven Provisia variety that can more than hold its own against elite Clearfield® varieties.

“We have heard from farmers across South Louisiana who said that PVL03 did what it needed to do, in terms of high yields, and actually exceeded expectations by providing good milling quality in a year where millings, in general, were erratic,” says Dr. Walker. “PVL03 is the Provisia variety many in the industry were waiting for, and it was planted on a lot of acres this year. The proof of its value is in the impressive results farmers saw in their fields.”

Although there is another ACCase inhibitor herbicide system available for rice, it is important to understand it is not the same as the Provisia Rice System.

“Provisia varieties have good tolerance of Provisia herbicide, and the herbicide doesn’t need a safener,” says Dr. Walker. “It’s the best system available today for weedy rice. Farmers have heard all the stories out there this year about performance and issues with other technologies. The bottom line is we can’t afford to be safe on weeds.”

Go-to Clearfield® Variety for the South

Horizon Ag CLL16 has been a standout since its commercial release, establishing itself as “the complete package” due to its consistent, high-end performance and agronomics.

Zack Tanner, a farmer in Bernie, Missouri, told Horizon Ag Arkansas field day attendees last summer that CLL16 is his go-to variety on his fields not under contract for seed production. “We’ve had some great yields with CLL16 over the four years we’ve planted it,” said Tanner. “Even when I’m thinking about furrow-irrigated rice, it’s a variety I like to plant because of its consistency, blast tolerance, height, vigor and yield.”

Nolan Evans, a farmer in Weiner, Arkansas, said he grew CLL16 last season for the first time after confirming its potential with University of Arkansas rice specialist Jarrod Hardke. “He said it was a good variety, so, instead of planting a few acres in it, I planted half my farm in CLL16,” said Evans. “I really like it.”

One of the unique benefits of CLL16 is that it is broadly adapted to perform across the southern rice region. From the Missouri Bootheel to the west of Houston, Texas, CLL16 has consistently shown that it can  yield with or better than top-performing varietals and even hybrids.

“This is a variety yielding 200-plus bushels per acre consistently across a wide range of geographies while offering the advantages of a Clearfield® variety at a lower seed cost than hybrids,” says Dr. Tim Walker, Horizon Ag general manager.

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