From The Editor

Water woes take top billing, regardless of where you farm

Vicky Boyd

For nearly eight hours recently, I listened to impassioned pleas from farmers, fishermen, politicians, environmentalists and the public about the California Water Resources Control Board’s proposal to nearly double the amount of free-flowing water in Stanislaus River tributaries. Read More »

Take time to enjoy your ‘football’ family

Vicky Boyd

Fall is my favorite time of year, with the waning of hot weather, the crisp mornings and four-plus months of football to look forward to. Not only do sports bring families closer together in many ways, but they also provide at least a few hours of weekly diversion from the pressing issues of life.  Read More »

Players likely available for future drafts

Vicky Boyd

In the National Football League, statisticians, spotters and officials use flip cards to keep track of players, their numbers, their positions and starting line-ups. But it’s common for different players to start the game than were originally noted. Some changes are due to last-minute health issues, but other decisions were made to try to trip up opponents. Read More »

A recipe for success

Vicky Boyd

If you’re not involved in routine grocery shopping and preparing the evening meal most nights, you may not realize the role that recipes and recipe development plays in promoting a commodity. And it doesn’t matter the crop, either. Read More »

Will ‘Godzilla’ of an El Niño be a boon or a bust?

Vicky Boyd

In this day and age when the Kardashians can pass for entertainment and a reality TV star can run for president, it’s no surprise that the current El Niño has been dubbed “Godzilla” because of its potential star power. Although much of the attention has been focused on how this weather event will help California’s lingering drought, it also is ... Read More »

Who says you can’t go home?

Vicky Boyd

Until about 10 years ago when Rice Farming Magazine was sold to One Grower Publishing, I was at home as editor of the publication. Veteran agricultural journalist Carroll Smith stepped in as editor and has kept the magazine on its successful course. Imagine my elation when I received a recent phone call from One Grower publisher Lia Guthrie inviting me ... Read More »

Life has been good but not easy

As a huge college football fan, particularly the SEC, I love watching the “SEC Storied” documentary series, launched by ESPN films in September 2011. Being a college football fan in the off-season is difficult, so I look for anything related to football to fill the gap until the upcoming games begin. I was thrilled to discover the “SEC Storied” series, ... Read More »

Through the eyes of a child

When I was a kid, Sunday afternoons were reserved for the family piling in the truck and driving out to the farm in east-central Louisiana to look at the crops. At that time, I had two sisters – Kimberly and Anne – and I was the oldest. Our baby brother Wes had not been born yet. We drove down turnrow ... Read More »