Rice Advice California

Strategic Water Management Is Key

Mark Gustafson Helena Chemical Company Yuba City, Calif. Growing up, I spent a lot of time helping my grandfather on his farming operation and knew that I wanted to be a crop advisor since high school. I worked for two years as an intern for Helena Chemical Company while attending Chico State, and after graduating, joined the company fulltime. I’ve ... Read More »

Challenges Related To Water Situation

by Jake Onstott PCA, Growers Ag Service, Inc. Yuba City, Calif. I grew up as the third generation in a family of crop dusters, but my love has always been to “play in the dirt.” After deciding that I wasn’t going into flying, I began working as a scout for a couple of PCAs while in college. My career took ... Read More »

Water Supply Drives Herbicide Programs

Bo Hanneken Christy PCA, Wilbur-Ellis Company Colusa, Calif. I grew up in Missouri where my FFA agronomy team placed at many different competitions, including State and the Purdue Invitational Crops Contest. I moved to California when I was 17 and attended Cal Poly. After college, I interned with an agribusiness firm for a summer. A month into my internship, I ... Read More »

First 20 Days After Planting Are Key

By Paul Squires Squires Ag Consulting, Inc. Yuba City, CA I worked on several rice farms while in college and as a field scout for John Taylor Fertilizers. During my last year of college, I acquired my PCA license and started to build a reputation and client list. The one word that describes how I got into the business of ... Read More »

Water Dominates the Rice Scene

Mike Davis – Pest Control Adviser, Helena Chemical Company Chico, Calif. Growing up, I worked on a hay and cattle ranch in Livermore, Calif., prior to attending Chico State University where I received a degree in Agricultural Science. After graduating, I spent 15 years as a PCA with a privately owned ag retailer where I learned about the rice business. ... Read More »

Be Prapared on All Production Fronts

Greg Mooney – Pest Control Adviser, Simplot Grower Solutions Colusa, Calif. nlike many of my peers in the ag business community, I attended California State University at Sacramento – not known as an agricultural-based university – where I was able to obtain a B.S. degree in Biological Sciences. Today, I am a Pest Control Adviser for Simplot Grower Solutions in ... Read More »

Choose Herbicides & Apply Correctly

Eric Benzel – Pest Control Adviser, Big Valley Ag Services, Gridley, CA While attending California State University-Chico, I worked for the University of California Cooperative Extension office in Butte County conducting rice research. After graduation, I obtained my license and became a rice PCA. Last year, right out of the gate, we had cooperative spring weather. It was dry, so ... Read More »

Carefully Manage High Input Costs

I grew up on a family farm in Grimes, Calif. While attending California State University-Chico, I got the opportunity to be a field checker for Colusa County Farm Supply. Therefore, after graduating in 1995, I went to work for Agriform as a PCA. I enjoy the opportunity to help other farmers and also continue to help out on my family’s ... Read More »

Focus On Weeds & Fertility

Focus On Weeds & Fertility Greg Pylman Pest Control Adviser, Wilbur-Ellis Company Willows, California I grew up on a small farm in the Delta. After graduating from Chico State, I had an opportunity to enter the fertilizer industry. I took the required proficiency exam to obtain a Pest Control Adviser license, went into sales at a fertilizer business, then joined ... Read More »

Start Strong To Finish Strong

ROBB DEDMANPRO AG CONSULTING, INC. RISON, ARK. In 1990, I worked as a rice scout for Dr. Nathan Slaton, who, at the time, was a county agent with the Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service. After graduating from college, I went to work in retail, but I always wanted to be a consultant. In 2002, I had the opportunity to become a ... Read More »