Rice Advice California

Rotate Chemistry, Irrigation Methods

• SPONSORED CONTENT • I am a California Pest Control Adviser and fourth-generation farmer in northern California. We grow rice, dairy, corn and alfalfa. While working on the family farm, I received my PCA license and joined Simplot Crop Solutions seven years ago. Because we had dry weather last year, some rice was planted early, and we continued planting into ... Read More »

Paving The Way To Profitability

• SPONSORED CONTENT • The Helena Agri-Enterprises research group in the West is a true, third-party contract research organization. For example, if a basic manufacturer wants to develop a product and potentially bring it to market to help farmers be more profitable, they can contract us to do the trial work. The rice research we conduct begins with product characterization ... Read More »

Experience, Technology Go Hand In Hand

I grew up in the little community of Richvale, which is a centralized hub for rice in the Sacramento Valley. My spring and summer jobs were driving a tractor for local growers and working at Jones Flying Service. My grandfather and now my parents own a small rice ranch that my wife and I will farm one day. After graduating ... Read More »

Rotate Herbicides To Help Avoid Resistance

Matteoli brothers

• SPONSORED CONTENT • My brother, Jon, and I got our start in the late 1980s when the farm economy was in a decade-long slump. Commodity prices were below cost of production, interest rates on capital were in the double digits, land prices had hit rock bottom and farm foreclosures were skyrocketing. These unfortunate factors created the opportunity for the ... Read More »

Several Factors Affect Weed Control Program

• SPONSORED CONTENT • Looking back at the 2018 season, cooler temperatures resulted in some of the best yields we have seen in a long time. This was pretty much the case for all rice growing regions in California. We also learned we have at least two new species of watergrass that are resistant to almost all the current chemistries. ... Read More »

Research Focus: Rice Weed Management

• SPONSORED CONTENT • I began working in the ag chemistry industry right out of graduate school. My work in rice began in the mid-1980s helping to develop the rice herbicides Whip 1 EC and Whip 360. After 30 years with Bayer CropScience, in 2009, I was offered a position with the Tremont and Lyman Groups where I am the ... Read More »

Collective Effort Ensures Success

SPONSORED CONTENT In 2008, my wife and I bought Sunrise Dusters, which is now located on a facility where my father worked as an ag pilot when I was growing up. Although I don’t fly the planes myself, I feel like I have come full circle. My business philosophy is that I use the airplanes to serve the people who ... Read More »

Doing Homework Aids Weed Plans

SPONSORED CONTENT Despite an unusually wet spring in 2017, most Northern California rice producers were still able to get their fields planted on time, thanks to larger equipment that can cover more acres than decades ago. That doesn’t mean that they didn’t cut corners, like not allowing ground to fully dry out. As a result, weeds in many cases got ... Read More »

Plan For Weed and Insect Control

• SPONSORED CONTENT • Growing up, I was surrounded by agriculture. My grandparents had a small rice farm near Willows, California, and my dad, Wally Cramer, was a pest control adviser (PCA) for more than 40 years. I became interested in following in his footsteps while attending Chico State and went to work for a retailer right out of college. ... Read More »

Research Benefits California Rice

• SPONSORED CONTENT • I began working in rice at Rice Researchers — a private rice breeding facility — while attending California State University, Chico. Today, I am the technical marketing and research and development manager for Helena’s Western Business Unit. Since 2003, we have been creating weed control programs through our research efforts to combat herbicide resistance and also ... Read More »