Tuesday, July 5, 2022

EPA registers Rogue herbicide from Gowan Co.

amazon sprangletop
Amazon sprangletop is among the many weeds that Rogue SC Herbicide controls — photo courtesy LSU AgCenter

The Environmental Protection Agency has registered Rogue SC Herbicide from Gowan Co. LLC for use on dry-seeded and water-seeded rice in the Mid-South and Texas.

The product contains benzobicyclon, an HPPD inhibitor and a member of the Weed Science Society of America’s Group 27.

When applied to a flooded field, benzobicyclon reacts with water, forming a metabolite. It is the metabolite that controls weeds. As such, Rogue has no herbicidal activity when applied to dry soil or foliage.

It is not labeled for furrow-irrigated or row rice that is not completely flooded. It also should it be used on fields with close contour levees, said Rogue SC product manager Chad Dyer. In addition, Rogue is not labeled for use on fields that will go into crawfish later in the season.

Use on flooded fields

Benzobicyclon must be applied to a flooded field, and the label recommends the water be held at a stable or static level for at least five days after application before lowering or draining.

Rogue is not intended to be a stand-alone herbicide. Instead, it should be part of an integrated weed management program that includes tankmixing and/or rotating different effective modes of action, he said.

Rogue controls a number of weeds, including Amazon and bearded sprangletop, ducksalad, rice flatsedge and ricefield bulrush, according to the label. It also suppresses several weeds, including barnyardgrass and weedy rice.

Rogue is compatible with the Clearfield, FullPage, Provisia and Max-Ace systems to help prolong those chemistries, Dyer said.

Because Rogue is a novel herbicide that requires proper water management to obtain the best results, Gowan is requiring online training and certification. The training also offers 0.5 Certified Crop Advisor credit in the soil and water management category. For more information, visit https://www.gowancocom/rogue-sc.

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