A smorgasbord of rice topics to whet your appetite

Carroll Smith,

Legend has it that the all-you-can-eat buffet, or smorgasbord, hit its height of popularity in the 1980s. I can’t vouch for the accuracy of this claim, but I do admit that I’ve eaten my share. Not only the sheer amount but also the variety of food always caught my attention and kept me coming back for more.

In reviewing the table of contents in the April issue of Rice Farming, I was reminded of this tasty fare. We have quite the smorgasbord of rice topics to whet your appetite this month and encourage you to devour them all. Here is a sneak peek.

  The cover story on page 8 features Darren Walker, farm manager for Wingmead Farms, in Prairie County, Arkansas. He is a sharp-minded operator who has some interesting strategies to keep the business successful and sustainable.

  On page 11, see how the pesky apple snail is trying to set up residence in Louisiana rice and crawfish fields. Not a welcome guest by any means!

  Good news is announced on page 12 with the introduction of “Leland.” This Mississippi variety is resistant to one of the most troublesome rice diseases in the world. Can Leland be construed as an insurance policy of sorts for Mississippi rice farmers?

  Everyone despises resistant weeds. Turn to page 13 to see how one Louisiana weed scientist is experimenting with blue LED light and mild warming to kill the weed seeds at harvest.

  Want to have access to free rainfall data? CHIRPS (page 14) may be something you want to take advantage of.

  And on page 16, scientists in Arkansas have developed a Rice Processing Program to maximize quality and reduce energy in grain bins.

  Daddy’s Got Dirt: A California Rice Story shares the tale of a rice farmer, father and author, all in one on page 19.

And don’t forget to check out our Columns and Departments. USA Rice Update, Specialists Speaking and Industry News are chock full of good information as well.

If you have an appetite for rice, we’ve got all you can read. Enjoy!

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