Monday, April 22, 2024

Welcoming the Challenge

Cassidy Nemec,

It’s been a cold, snowy weather pattern here in Knoxville, Tennessee, lately, and, being a native Texan who sees only the occasional snow flurry, I am overjoyed and all on board. Many around me have been over it for some time now, and that got me thinking about how so many things are shaped by our perspectives on different matters.

Some see planting time as a stage to get through to reach harvest; others see it as just the beginning of what could be. At the end of the season, many see harvest as reaping the rewards of a job well done and are ready for a break, while others are already eagerly thinking about the potential for starting again the next year.

There are challenging aspects to all parts of the season, but I like to think back to something someone told me recently: “I look at challenge and opportunity as almost the same thing.” That’s perspective. I would wholeheartedly agree with this as I’ve observed time and time again the inability to grow without some kind of challenge. Getting through challenge, learning how to improve, and seeing development on the other side are things we can see in our lives as well as that of another growing season.

This month’s edition of Rice Farming shines light on multiple examples of successful individuals who or organizations that have surely embraced the challenge of their occupation and sought to improve over time.

The California Rice Experiment Station has a full staff of highly qualified people who work to bring new rice herbicides, techniques, and varieties to market. Dustin Harrell, station director and former Louisiana rice specialist, shares information on current and future innovations from the station starting on page 8.

Land trusts are a challenging, yet growing, topic in the industry. Pages 18 and 19 include part one of an article from the National Agricultural Law Center out of Arkansas. It details some of the subject matter to consider when approaching this concept. We will dive back in with part two in next month’s issue.

Our 2023 Rice Consultant of the Year is discussed on pages 11 through 14. This esteemed individual is honored for their dedication, innovation, and leadership in their role as rice consultant. They will be presented with this prestigious award at the RCOY reception the evening prior to the opening of the Mid-South Farm & Gin Show this month in Memphis, Tennessee. Go check it out!

So, as the snow melts here in Tennessee, I wish you all a successful beginning to the season as we begin to ramp up over the next few months. I look forward to hearing the (hopefully positive) perspective and stories that have yet to be told!

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