Canadian ag agency approves FullPage rice system

FullPage herbicide-tolerant rice hybridsCanadian Health Agency’s Feed and Food Divisions have approved the FullPage Rice Cropping Solution from RiceTec and Adama that will allow unrestricted planting of and harvesting of FullPage rice products.

The production system represents a new generation of improved imidazolinone — or IMI — herbicide tolerance in rice seed. The two primary FullPage hybrids released for 2020 are RT7321 FP and RT7521 FP.

Demonstration fields of FullPage hybrids are already planted throughout the southern rice belt and show a marked improvement in tolerance to IMI herbicides. This reduces the risk of crop response during stressful growing conditions and in overlap situations as well as increases overall yield. It also reduces the stress on growers and improves application, timing and flooding flexibility.

FullPage hybrids are paired with Preface (imazethapyr) and Postscript (imazamox) herbicides from Adama. Preface tackles troublesome rice weeds such as red and weedy rice and barnyardgrass. It combines post-emergence and residual activity.

Postscript can be applied post-emergence or post-flood for escapes.

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