Syngenta launches seed treatment with 4 modes of action

syngenta logoSyngenta has launched Vibrance RST rice seed treatment, which contains four different fungicidal modes of action to control seedborne, soilborne and seedling diseases, according to a news release.

The four active ingredients are:

• Azoxystrobin, a Group 11 fungicide, protects against Rhizoctonia and Pythium species and some soilborne and seedborne diseases, including rice blast.

• Fludioxonil, a Group 12 fungicide, controls Fusarium and Rhizoctonia.

• Mefenoxam, a Group 4 fungicide, brings a second mode of action for Pythium, which causes damping-off and seed rot.

• Sedaxane, a Group 7 fungicide, delivers the second punch against Rhizoctonia, which causes seed decay, seedling blight and damping-off.

“The uniqueness of this product is the four active ingredients that work to complement each other for disease and resistance management,” Syngenta Seedcare Specialist Anthony Crocker said in the release. “A good protection package gives rice growers the freedom to focus on the other things they need to do agronomically.

“We need to get a stand up, then get the rice big enough so we can get the herbicides on it, get the fertilizer out, then get the flood out there.”