Valent USA launches seed treatment package featuring Zeltera fungicide

zeltera fungicide logoValent U.S.A. has launched the Zeltera Rice System, a seed treatment package that offers both above- and below-ground protection for rice seeds in the South and Mid-South production regions.

A key to the program is the new Indiflin branded fungicide, which contains the active ingredient, inpyrfluxam. Recently registered by the Environmental Protection Agency, inpyrfluxam targets Rhizoctonia solani, including strobilurin-resistant strains.

The seed treatment package also contains NipsIt Inside insecticide (active ingredient, Clothianidin), Sebring 318 FS (Metalaxyl) and Spirato 480 FS (Fludioxonil).

Together, the four active ingredients protect rice plant roots from seed decay, seedling blight, damping off, rice water weevils, grape collaspis and chinch bugs.

By preserving root integrity, the products allow the plants to draw up more nutrients and water, resulting in improved early and later stand establishment and vigor, according to a news release.

The Zeltera Rice System will be available this fall and is the first product in a new portfolio of seed treatments in development from Valent U.S.A. Additional Zeltera brand seed protection products will be launched across multiple crops beginning in crop year 2022.

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