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Horizon Ag Has Strong Variety Offering for 2022

Horizon Ag has two new varieties — PVL03 and CLHA02 — that have consistently shown high yield potential in trials and seed production plots joining an already strong lineup of proven performers like CLL16 and CLL17.

With input prices on the rise for the coming season, it’s time for rice farmers to carefully consider seed costs and proven performance when calculating what varieties provide an opportunity for better profitability.

provisia pvl03PVL03 is the third and highest-yielding variety released for the Provisia® Rice System. It has proven yield potential rivaling that of other top-performing rice lines. Louisiana trials in 2019 and 2020 showed PVL03 yielding almost 8,500 pounds per acre, outyielding Cheniere and putting it on par with top-yielding Clearfield® varieties.

It repeated that strong performance in 2021 in seed production plots. “We planted 200 acres of it this year,” says Rayne, Louisiana, farmer Fred Zaunbrecher. “Seed quantity was limited, and Horizon Ag wanted to put as many acres out as possible with fewer pounds, so for us, the seeding rate ended up being 23-24 pounds per acre. That’s not a lot of seed out there, but the variety still looked exceptionally good. We had yields in the mid-40 barrels per acre range and one field that actually made 50 barrels per acre. We were very pleased with that.”

PVL03 has excellent stalk strength, is a superior package quality milled rice, and has an industry-leading disease package, with resistance to threats like blast and Cercospora.

That performance comes with the advantages of the Provisia Rice System and Provisia herbicide, which have earned a reputation for providing the cleanest fields while helping farmers overcome hybrid weedy rice and resistant grass problems.

“There is no technology like Provisia available,” says Dr. Tim Walker, Horizon Ag general manager. “Other seed companies are playing catch-up and making unsubstantiated claims about performance, but the Provisia Rice System has already proven to be an effective weed management tool. Provisia herbicide doesn’t require a safener, so it’s going to be more effective. Best of all, farmers have seen it work.”

New CLHA02, the second high-amylose Clearfield variety, was developed by rice breeders at Mississippi State University and is another step to bringing back the quality standard the U.S. rice industry was known to provide for decades, yet has waned over the last 10-15 years.

It will provide farmers better opportunities for premiums, which is especially important heading into a year where input costs have increased dramatically.

It also is expected to generate interest in more Identity Preservation contracts with domestic and global customers, who are specific in their needs and demands for rice.

clearfield cll16CLL16: From outstanding yield potential that rivals or exceed hybrids at a lower seed cost to excellent milling quality and an industry-leading disease package, CLL16 is earning a reputation as the Complete Package across the South.

And it’s proving its performance potential in both furrow- and flood-irrigated systems.

“When we’re looking for a good candidate for furrow-irrigated varieties, we’re looking for early vigor and blast tolerance, and this variety has both,” says Zack Tanner, a Southeast Missouri rice seed producer. “But it also has to yield well, and CLL16 has yielded very well for us in furrow-irrigated fields.”

This past season, Tanner’s CLL16 furrow-irrigated rice made right at 219 bushels per acre, along with making 230 bushels per acre in his paddy rice fields.

CLL17, an elite Clearfield variety bred in Louisiana, has proven its ability to make high yields, consistently outperforming CL153 in multi-year trials. It also has solid ratoon crop potential and provides excellent milling yield and very good grain quality.

In three years of university testing, CLL17 averaged 6% higher yields than CL153. And in 59 trials throughout the Mid-South Rice Belt beginning in 2015, the variety averaged 7,841 pounds per acre for the main crop, compared to 7,155 pounds for CL111, 7,330 pounds for CL153 and 6,653 pounds for Cheniere, according to LSU AgCenter data.

More information about Horizon Ag elite Clearfield and Provisia varieties is available at

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