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Don’t just water. Irrigate!

MIRImultiple-inlet rice irrigation

In recent years, the focus of irrigation management in rice has taken on a whole new twist. The increase in furrow-irrigated rice, or row rice, has now surpassed 15% of the rice acres in Arkansas. While this practice has the potential to reduce irrigation demand, it is not always the case depending on the situation. Irrigation is often not needed ... Read More »

UC researchers seek cooperators for pyrethroid-resistant shrimp study

tadpole shrimp

• By Ian Grettenberger, Luis Espino and Madi Hendrick • Pyrethroids have been the go-to material of choice for tadpole shrimp management. Because they are widely used, there is a real concern that resistance to one or multiple active ingredients in this class (e.g., lambda cyhalothrin and zeta-cypermethrin). As many of you may have heard, resistance appears to have cropped ... Read More »

UC seeks cooperators for tadpole shrimp pyrethroid-resistance study

tadpole shrimp

• By Luis Espino and Ian Grettenberger • Do you want to make sure your freshly planted rice fields don’t look like the muddied mess on the left below (versus clear on right) following a pyrethroid application? Wondering if your tadpole shrimp are becoming less susceptible to pyrethroids? We do too! Pyrethroids are widely used for managing tadpole shrimp, and ... Read More »