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An unwelcome newcomer

new watergrass biotype

Aggressive watergrass challenges California growers and researchers who seek effective control programs. • By Vicky Boyd, Editor • A new weed in the watergrass genus continues to bedevil California rice producers and researchers as they try to identify it and develop herbicide programs to control it. Kurt Richter, who farms with his family near Colusa, is among those who have ... Read More »

Supervillain grassy weeds vs. ‘Kryptonite’: Who will win?

Vicky Boyd

If the weed kingdom had a band of supervillains, barnyardgrass and watergrass would surely be members. These species that belong to the genus Echinochloa wield super powers and are the bane of rice growers. Herbicides, once the Kryptonite for these grassy invaders, have lost their super powers in many instances as the weeds have developed resistance. With only a few ... Read More »

Seeing red

new watergrass species

New grass species joins weedy rice as weeds that tested California growers and PCAs in 2018 • By Vicky Boyd, Editor • Although the number of rice acres in California infested with weedy rice — also known as red rice — has remained fairly stable the past few seasons, a new biotype popped up in one field in 2018. Add to ... Read More »

Be on the lookout for new watergrass in California

new watergrass species

University of California Cooperative Extension farm advisor Whitney Brim-Deforest has been to several farm calls in the past few weeks about an unknown grass weed. Between last season and this, she has seen seven fields that appear to have bad infestations of a new watergrass species (Echinochloa spp.). “We are unsure of the exact identification yet, but we know it ... Read More »