Thursday, June 30, 2022

New high-amylose Clearfield variety joins other Horizon Ag varieties in 2022

new horizon ag logoHorizon Ag firmly believes the future of the Southern rice industry is closely tied to its ability to provide the quality and type of long-grain rice in demand by important customers throughout the Western Hemisphere. That’s why the seed company has launched CLHA02, the second high-amylose Clearfield variety, for planting in the 2022 season.

CLHA02, developed by rice breeders at Mississippi State University, is another step to bring back the quality standard the U.S. rice industry was known to provide for decades yet has waned over the last 10–15 years. It will provide farmers better opportunities for premiums, which is especially important heading into a year where input costs have increased dramatically.

Horizon Ag also expects it to generate interest in more identity preservation contracts with domestic and global customers, who are specific in their needs and demands for rice.

The best of CL163 and Cheniere

clha02 yield charts
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The new variety is like Horizon Ag’s CL163 in terms of having high-amylose content but like Cheniere in terms of having “softer cooking” quality. Cheniere is from the Louisiana State University AgCenter breeding program.

On another positive note, CLHA02 offers outstanding yield potential. It has been among the top five entries for yield in multi-year, on-farm evaluations by Mississippi State University.

In addition, CLHA02’s average yield performance was within 5% of CLL16 in multi-state trials in 2021.

Horizon Ag provided information for this article.

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