Sunday, June 23, 2024

University of Arkansas publishes ‘Furrow-Irrigated Rice Handbook’

arkansas flood-irrigated rice handbookThe University of Arkansas recently published the “Arkansas Furrow-Irrigated Rice Handbook” that is available online.

This new publication is aimed at providing recommendations for the increasingly popular rice-production system that irrigates rice much like other row crops — running water down the furrow.

Also known as row rice, the system accounted for more than 100,000 acres — or more than 10% — of overall rice production in 2019 in Arkansas. It is expected to increase in coming years because it simplifies rotations and decreases the time and expense associated with flood-irrigated rice.

Other potential benefits include water savings.

Since rice is a semiaquatic plant, upland (non-flooded) production research efforts are limited. Contained in the handbook are general recommendations to follow if you’re attempting row rice.

Beginning in 2020, flood-irrigated rice also is eligible for crop insurance through the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Risk Management Agency.

Click to download the Arkansas Furrow-Irrigated Rice Handbook

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