Farm Dog, Deere and Adama partner on information sharing system

mobile integration Farm Dog, John Deere and Adama recently partnered on an integrated mobile-to-sprayer system that simplifies information sharing and reduces the likelihood of operational errors for agronomists, growers and spray equipment operators.

Previewed at the 2019 Develop with Deere Conference in Chicago recently, the system seamlessly integrates two activities in precision agriculture for pest management – treatment recommendations based on field scouting and variable-rate spray application, according to a news release.

Growers and agronomists will now be able to create treatment recommendations within the Farm Dog mobile application and send them directly from the field to variable-rate spray equipment via John Deere Operations Center without risk of miscommunication of key information.

Computer software provides users with treatment history, local regulations, crop specifics and other key agronomic inputs.

The collaboration project among Farm Dog, John Deere and Adama is supported by the Binational Industrial Research and Development Foundation.