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Quality Matters: Meeting The Product Handling Challenge

  John Oakes Vice President, Rice Farmers Grain Terminal, Inc. The role of Farmers Grain Terminal (FGT) in the U.S. rice industry is unique in that we are a large farmer-owned grain cooperative that also handles rice. FGT is headquartered in Greenville, Miss., with barge loading capabilities on the Mississippi River. At FGT, rice is third in volume following soybeans ... Read More »

California Bloggin’: Thoughts on Farmer Appreciation and The Return of Rain

This time of year, there is a Rice Outlook Conference involving the six states that produce rice. And for most of the California attendees, the top activity for the three days was to watch the weather back home. We had left for the conference after some welcome rain the week previous, and now there was promise of more. A lot more. More than we received in all of 2013. And while the storm wasn’t as “epic” as it was hyped to be, it was a welcome change. The five inches of rain filled rain gauges, helped the decomposition of the remaining rice straw in the fields and filled bypasses and flood plains along the river. Read More »

Blanca Isabel

In 1998, Dr. Milton C. Rush, a plant pathologist with LSU AgCenter, was looking for a rice variety with a natural resistance to sheath blight. In doing so, according to LSU rice breeder Dr. Steve Linscombe, Rush introduced a purple grain line into his program that he thought might have higher levels of sheath blight resistance. What ultimately occurred was something else entirely. As noted on purpleblackrice.com, when Rush crossbred a common Louisiana long-grain variety (Cypress) and a purple/black kernel variety from Sri Lanka (Hitan Kitan), he developed a new, high-yielding, early long-grain purple rice variety that he named Blanca Isabel. It is unique in that it has the cooking qualities, texture and taste of long-grain white rice and the health benefits of purple rice. Read More »

Adjusting Rice Fertility Programs ‘Makes A Big Difference’

To help manage his rice crop, from winter planning sessions all the way through the season, Rehermann depends on the advice of Eric Benzel, a PCA with Big Valley Ag Services in Gridley. “The members of the family from which Eric comes are long time friends of my family,” Rehermann says. “Right after World War II, my father worked for ... Read More »

Closing the Gap in Central America

USA Rice Federation is the problem solver for the industry. By Betsy Ward President and CEO USA Rice Federation One of the most valuable players any organization can have is a Problem Solver. Whether you are talking about business, sport or philanthropy, people who tackle problems head on and offer up solutions are the ones who can truly impact the ... Read More »

Experience Pays Off

At certain times of the year, gusty winds howl across California’s Sacramento Valley, known for its rich adobe clay soil and home to the Sutter Buttes, described by many as the smallest mountain range in the world. For generations, farmers have grown rice in this area of the state, and producer Frank Rehermann is no exception. In 1972, fresh from the Navy, Rehermann began his journey as a California rice farmer with the assistance of his father-in-law, Ron Harrington. One piece of property that they farmed was owned by the Righero brothers, who originally began the process of wrestling the unleveled ground with sloughs running through it into good, farmable rice fields. Later, using an old D-7, Rehermann continued straightening the levees throughout the property to achieve greater efficiency. Today, he knows those fields well and has used that knowledge to help shape his rice production strategies. Rehermann has to be mobile because his operation is spread out, encompassing property at Live Oak, the Riceton area and the White Ranch – located on the other side of Richvale – that he began leasing from Minnie May White in 1973. In all, Rehermann farms 900 acres of rice, planting 50 percent to M-206 and the remainder to M-205. Read More »

Unite To Rebuild The U.S. Reputation For Quality

Russell Marine Group is uniquely positioned in the rice and grain industries to where we have forged relationships at nearly every level, from seed manufacturers to foreign, importing rice millers. We recognize that the position creates a duty to the industry to help support and promote U.S. agricultural products whenever possible. Oftentimes, this requires stepping into roles regarding hot-topic quality issues of the year, logistics and operations in the export sector of the industry and maintaining an expertise on ever-changing government and trade regulations. Despite having the resources and logistical advantages over many rice-producing countries, the United States is vulnerable to losing export market share by not addressing quality issues brought up by our foreign buyers. The issues permeate the rice industry on all levels, from seed manufacturers and rice producers to rice exporters and foreign buyers. Many Central American rice millers have always advertised U.S. rice as their premium rice brand. Over the past two decades, they built a brand name and, therefore, justifiably charged a premium for a high-quality product. However, the prior three years’ quality issues have severely tarnished that reputation and branding; and our once loyal foreign importing rice miller base is now actively seeking alternative sources. Read More »

Working Together to Maximize U.S. Rice Quality

By John Anderson – Farmers Storage, Inc., Essex, Mo. Rice quality, specifically chalk, has been the buzz phrase lately with buyers and farmers both. In recent years, the quality of U.S. rice has not been as attractive to buyers in Central America. However, the U.S. has the best farmers in the world, along with some of the best technology, which ... Read More »

Ratoon acreage continues to increase

DR. M.O. “MO” WAY TEXAS Rice Research Entomologist moway@aesrg.tamu.edu This year about 130,000 acres of rice were planted in Texas – similar to the 2012 planting. For both years, most rice farmers along the Colorado River in Colorado, Wharton and Matagorda Counties were not able to tap this important source of irrigation water due to a continuing drought. However, rainfall ... Read More »

Maintaining Rice Quality Begins At The Farmer Level

“In all of the commodities, when a new issue presents itself, resolving it starts at the farmer level. This is what we are facing today regarding the quality of U.S. rice.” – Ronnie Berry Ronnie and Chris Berry Rice producers Bootheel Missouri Father-and-son team, Ronnie and Chris Berry, farm separately in Bootheel Missouri but share many of the same ideas ... Read More »