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Researchers use buried drip irrigation to winnow out drought-tolerant genetics

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Like people, some plants handle stress better than others. Now, in a recent issue of Agronomy, a team of Agricultural Research Service (ARS) and university scientists report their identification of U.S. rice varieties with the right “genetic” stuff for coping with reduced water use. Their efforts dovetail with a trend toward water-saving measures that some growers are implementing in not ... Read More »

Brown rice variety packs antioxidant punch

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GEDrew is a brown rice with an odd kernel trait that sidelined its commercial prospects. Now, Agricultural Research Service scientists’ re-examination of the trait and its link to increased antioxidant levels could give the rice variety a new commercial lease on life. GEDrew is the result of a mutagenesis rice breeding program conducted more than a decade ago by rice ... Read More »