Arkansas ‘rice reps’ may earn scholarships while spreading the word

Arkansas rice reps logoArkansas high school juniors or seniors may be eligible for one of four different scholarships totaling $7,000 just by participating in rice advocacy programs and spreading the word about the state’s rice industry this summer.

The program is called “Rice Reps” and is sponsored by Arkansas Rice.

From April through September, reps will actively participate in a program designed to teach them through education and volunteerism about rice farming and the crop’s importance around the world. They are also invited to attend four different, on-site experiences to better understand the reach of rice in Arkansas.

During the program, reps will not only teach and share what they have learned but also seek other opportunities to learn and expand their knowledge.

In August, reps will be asked to fill out the scholarship form, which makes them eligible for scholarship money. The four scholarship categories are rice video, rice recipe and two volunteer/leadership awards.

Winners will be named and recognized at a final reception in September.

Deadline to apply to become a rep is April 1.

Rep eligibility
• Current junior or rising senior in high school
• Any county in Arkansas may participate
• Ag background not required

Rep requirements
• Post on social media two times/month using #ARRiceReps19 (Materials will be provided for optional reference)
• Participate in a minimum of two on-site experiences offered by Arkansas Rice
• Submit the scholarship form by Aug. 23

Visit Arkansas Rice for more information, or apply to become a rice rep by clicking here.