CO2 fumigant receives 2(ee) for burrowing rodents

Eliminator IGI fumigation systemIGI Carbon Dioxide, which previously had been registered for fumigating pests of stored grain, recently received a Section 2(ee) recommendation for burrowing rodents.

It is used with the Eliminator application probe designed specifically to treat pests in underground burrows and tunnels.

“The door is now open for pest control operators to add burrowing rodent control to their list of available services,” says Al Dentone, president of Acampo, California-based IGI LLC. “These pests have been a huge problem for farmers, vineyards, orchards, parks, municipalities, schools and other public properties. Now PCOs have a solution; a revolutionary breakthrough in the field of pest control.”

A Section 2(ee) recommendation allow users to apply a pesticide under certain limited conditions not specified on a pesticide label. And users are not required to have a copy of the Section 2(ee) use recommendation when making an application.

IGI Carbon Dioxide is different than other chemical agents for pest control. It activates when released in a confined space and only then do the effects of the naturally occurring gas become active. There is no contamination of soil or other spaces that occur with toxic chemical agents.

As a result, IGI Carbon Dioxide, delivered with the IGI control devices, meet integrated pest management protocols and has been endorsed by various agencies as IPM compliant.

IGI products, including CO2 replacement cylinders, will be available through a wide number of distributors. To find one close to you, visit

IGI Carbon Dioxide and its delivery systems are registered in Arizona, California, Idaho, Maryland, Oregon, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, Virginia, Washington and Washington, D.C., for fumigation of post-harvest crops and burrowing rodents.

In addition, IGI has organic status granted by the Washington State Department of Agriculture.

For further information,  contact Mr. Al Dentone  at 209-366-1859 or Sales Manager Matt Foster 209-642-0675

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