LSU AgCenter releases two new rice varieties

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The Louisiana State University AgCenter has released two new Clearfield rice varieties that are tolerant to imadazolinone herbicide. They come from the breeding program of Dr. Steve Linscombe at the AgCenter’s H. Rouse Caffey Rice Research Station near Crowley.

CL 153 is an early maturing semi-dwarf long-grain with excellent grain yield, good grain quality and very good resistance to blast disease. CL 153, however, is susceptible to sheath blight and moderately susceptible to bacterial panicle blight.

In trials, CL 153 yielded an average of 200 pounds per acre more than CL 151, which has the highest yield potential among current Clearfield pureline (not hybrid) varieties.

The other release, CL 272, is an early maturing semi-dwarf medium-grain with excellent grain yield and good grain quality. It averaged about 300 pounds per acre more than CL 271, the currently high-yielding medium-grain, and also has much better grain quality.

CL 272 shares similarities with CL 271 for plant height, lodging susceptibility and resistance to major Louisiana rice diseases.

In 2016, acreage seeded to the two new varieties will be devoted primarily to registered and certified seed producers. Certified seed of both varieties should be readily available in 2017.

Read more about these varieties in the Rice Research Station newsletter.

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