Rice Advice Mid-South

Plan For Proactive Rice Weed Control

• SPONSORED CONTENT • Rick Deviney Deviney Ag Service DeWitt, Arkansas While in college, I scouted cotton and worked for a flying service. After graduating, I was a crop duster until 2010 when my friend who had a crop consulting business hired me. I bought him out in 2017 and started Deviney Ag Service on my own. Because I always ... Read More »

Early Post Emergence Timing Is Essential

• SPONSORED CONTENT • Because my family farmed, I have been around agriculture my entire life. In 2001, I started Gifford Crop Consulting, and my son, Miles, will join the business fulltime in May after graduating from Arkansas State University. My wife, Rachel, understands our business and is very supportive. My daughter, Meg, helps with the paperwork and pitches in ... Read More »

Natural Fit In Pinpoint Flood System

• SPONSORED CONTENT • In my area, rice farmers use different methods to plant rice — dry planting and water seeding. Starting clean is rule No. 1 in any rice planting system. An early spring burndown on winter vegetation is usually easy to accomplish but be sure to follow labeled plant-back restrictions for the products you apply. In a water-seeded ... Read More »

Focus On Fertility, Weed Control

My dad, Pete Baughman Jr., was a consultant, so my first job was scouting rice and cotton. After graduating from Mississippi State University, I worked with him for a few years before starting my own consulting business in 2003. We offer a variety of services, including grid soil sampling to generate fertility maps used to make variable-rate fertilizer applications. It’s ... Read More »

Take Proactive Stance Against Weeds

Last year, we struggled coming out of the gate with all the rainfall we experienced. It was a challenge to get a rice stand in some fields, which resulted in a lot of replanting. After we finally got the crop up, we battled weeds pretty hard. In our area, we have barnyardgrass, weedy rice and a lot of tighthead (Amazon) ... Read More »

Adjust Weed Control To Planting System

I grew up on a rice farm in Acadia Parish, Louisiana. After graduating from McNeese State University, G&H Seed Co. hired me to work in the warehouse and run the seed treatment division. I later transferred to the field and began consulting and now consult for Simplot in Eunice, Louisiana. In 2018, we had a wet fall and were not ... Read More »

Reduce Competition For Nutrients, Water

Alex Dean

• SPONSORED CONTENT • In the summer of my junior year in high school, I started working with Arkansas crop consultant Eddy Cates. He kept me around while I was in college and even guaranteed me work in the winter pulling soil samples. After graduating from Arkansas State University, I worked for him full-time for a couple years and then ... Read More »

Weed Control Options In Conventional Rice

• SPONSORED CONTENT • The 2018 Mississippi rice season was tough, but we ended up with decent yields in most fields. Delays in application timing and levee preparation along with herbicide resistance and hot, dry conditions in May challenged weed control programs. Early planted rice was the easiest to manage. We got good stands, and the herbicides performed well in ... Read More »

Weed Control Is Key In Missouri Rice

David (left) and Wes Howard

• SPONSORED CONTENT • My brother, Wes, and I grew up on a cotton and soybean farm in the Bootheel of Missouri. I worked for a consultant after my dad quit farming in 1999, and Wes did custom spraying for eight years. In 2008, I started Heartland Crop Consultants, and Wes and I became partners in the business in 2011. ... Read More »

Toolbox Packed With Effective Herbicides

Elmer Smith Crop Production Services Heth, Arkansas

SPONSORED CONTENT I had my first experience with rice when I worked as a research intern with a crop protection company the summer before I graduated from the University of Arkansas. After that, I scouted rice for retail companies and joined Crop Production Services in July 2017. As of April 1, I have been involved with this crop for 28 ... Read More »