Jazzmen Rice releases first U.S.-grown jasmine flavored rices

Jazzmen Rice LogoIn celebration of its 10th anniversary, New Orleans-based Jazzmen Rice’s first flavored U.S.-grown premium jasmine rices — Saffron and Creole Tomato — will hit retail markets in New Orleans this month.

Made with real saffron and turmeric, the Jazzmen Rice Saffron blend infuses flavor into a high-quality, soft, long-grain, white jasmine rice. Saffron is among the most prized spices in the world, harvested by hand from dried stigmas of purple crocus flowers.

Jazzmen Rice Creole Tomato blend starts with the same premium white jasmine rice and blends in real creole tomatoes and Italian herbs and spices.

Both blends, available in 12-ounce cartons, are easy to prepare, economical and a versatile complement to any meal. All Jazzmen Rice products are gluten free, non-genetically modified, and have no added sugar, no synthetic coloring and no chemical additives.

The two new jasmine rice blends will be in Rouses, and local and national markets this December.

“Jazzmen Rice, with its nutty flavor and aromatic qualities, has always been one of the most flavorful varieties of rice on the market. For the past 10 years, Jazzmen Rice has utilized rich soil and a prime rice-growing climate to bring chefs a local option,” said George Chin, founder and president of Jazzmen Rice LLC. “Now we are proud to take our rice a step further by introducing a premium jasmine saffron and creole tomato flavor blends.”

“Jazzmen Rice has succeeded in delivering a Southern-infused culinary experience in the heart of New Orleans,” said Dawn Vachon, Jazzmen Rice marketing director. “By adding handpicked ingredients, I’ve enhanced the already notable aroma and taste qualities of our jasmine rice. I love playing with flavors and creativity. I wanted a clean label with simple ingredients. I wanted the packaging to be fresh, eye-catching, and to reflect the legacy packaging with our signature blue color and music notes motif.”


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