Rice: the sterling commodity

For several years, I lived next door to a fascinating elderly gentleman named Mr. Mac. He was a World War II veteran who had served in the Navy, a retired businessman who had worked in the grain industry for most of his life, a loving husband and father, a huge fan of the Kentucky Derby and a really good Gin ... Read More »

Specialist Speaking: Weed Control

Dr. M.O. “MO” Way Texas Rice Research Entomologist Serious Weed Pests Weeds typically are the most serious and consistent pests of rice production. Failure to control weeds in rice leads to significant and often devastating yield losses. Last year, I observed firsthand the total loss of rice production in organic fields infested with hemp sesbania and rough jointvetch. These ... Read More »

When Rice Shakes The World

Thought-provoking ideas about the future By Carroll Smith Editor The subtitle reads: “The Importance Of First Grain To World Economic & Political Stability.” Indeed, these words do hint at the theme, but upon settling into this masterfully written, easy-to-read book by Milo Hamilton, the essence of When Rice Shakes the World proves to be much more. The book is extremely ... Read More »

Adapt To Planting Challenges

Be prepared to adjust herbicides and application timings Heavy rainfall interfered with rice planting in 2014, complicating weed control. Protecting rice crops and preventing yield loss required continuous evaluation and adjustments to weed management programs. Johnathon Morris, an Arkansas consultant, felt the changes of the season. Like many, he had to alter herbicide choices and application timings. Weed Spectrum With ... Read More »

Fair trade pudding, Mars, your farm and the WTO

Some trading ‘partners’ fail to live up to their agreements. Trade is all about two parties exchanging things the other wants. Competition is when two or more entities vie for a single prize. Fair trade is when all the parties involved agree on rules to govern their competition and then abide by those rules. Unfortunately, today’s global agriculture trade has ... Read More »

P and K Management

Dr. Bruce Linquist California UCCE Rice Specialist Application of the four Rs (right rate, right source, right timing and right placement) helps ensure high fertilizer use efficiency. Last year we discussed the four Rs of fertilizer N; this year I will touch on how they apply to phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) management in conventional water-seeded rice systems. The ... Read More »

Strategic Water Management Is Key

Mark Gustafson Helena Chemical Company Yuba City, Calif. Growing up, I spent a lot of time helping my grandfather on his farming operation and knew that I wanted to be a crop advisor since high school. I worked for two years as an intern for Helena Chemical Company while attending Chico State, and after graduating, joined the company fulltime. I’ve ... Read More »

Make Proactive Decisions in 2015

Larry McAnally McAnally Ag Consulting East Bernard, TX Before moving to East Bernard, Texas, in 1986 to take the position of farm manager at the hybrid rice research station, I farmed with my dad in Missouri. In 1990, I began consulting with another company prior to establishing McAnally Ag Consulting. Last year, rice farmers in the area did very well. ... Read More »

Industry News for Feb. 2015

New Clearfield Variety Offers Improved Quality Horizon Ag announces the launch of a new, high-yielding semi-dwarf Clearfield variety with significant improvements to cooking quality. Developed by Mississippi State University, the new CL163 is an example of the efforts made by Horizon Ag and its university partners to improve not only yield potential and production practices, but also the quality of ... Read More »

Cuba getting closer

Optimism abounds that U.S. rice soon will be en route to the island. The world was sent buzzing recently when President Obama announced a complete overhaul of our nation’s Cuba policy. Some remember the time when Cuba was the No. 1 export market for U.S.-grown rice, might those days return? Things look promising, but the full answer is not quite ... Read More »