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‘The Ron Burgundy of weeds’


Start early, overlap preemergence residuals for season-long barnyardgrass control. • By Vicky Boyd, Editor • University of Arkansas Extension weed specialist Tommy Butts has a simple recommendation for barnyardgrass control this season: “residual, residual, residual.” “Make sure to get those residuals out preemerge and overlap every 14-21 days,” he said. “And make sure we’re getting activation with plenty of water ... Read More »

An unwelcome newcomer

new watergrass biotype

Aggressive watergrass challenges California growers and researchers who seek effective control programs. • By Vicky Boyd, Editor • A new weed in the watergrass genus continues to bedevil California rice producers and researchers as they try to identify it and develop herbicide programs to control it. Kurt Richter, who farms with his family near Colusa, is among those who have ... Read More »

Supervillain grassy weeds vs. ‘Kryptonite’: Who will win?

Vicky Boyd

If the weed kingdom had a band of supervillains, barnyardgrass and watergrass would surely be members. These species that belong to the genus Echinochloa wield super powers and are the bane of rice growers. Herbicides, once the Kryptonite for these grassy invaders, have lost their super powers in many instances as the weeds have developed resistance. With only a few ... Read More »

Hot, dry weather conspired against Arkansas grass control this season

commend grass control plot arkansas

Tom Barber, Extension weed scientist for the University of Arkansas System, says unusual rainfall patterns made this season a rough one for many Arkansas crops. “This is the grassiest rice crop we’ve seen in a while, but it’s also been a difficult year for many crops,” he says. “We had a lot of rain early, and then by May it ... Read More »

Be on the lookout for two new watergrass relatives

new grass weeds california

Weed control in California rice has become more complicated over the past few years, both due to increasing number of herbicide-resistant weeds as well as new weeds, including weedy rice and for some, winged-primrose willow. Just as we were beginning to think we were going to have a pause in new weed problems, we have a couple of new weed ... Read More »