USA Rice Update

Fair trade pudding, Mars, your farm and the WTO

Some trading ‘partners’ fail to live up to their agreements. Trade is all about two parties exchanging things the other wants. Competition is when two or more entities vie for a single prize. Fair trade is when all the parties involved agree on rules to govern their competition and then abide by those rules. Unfortunately, today’s global agriculture trade has ... Read More »

Cuba getting closer

Optimism abounds that U.S. rice soon will be en route to the island. The world was sent buzzing recently when President Obama announced a complete overhaul of our nation’s Cuba policy. Some remember the time when Cuba was the No. 1 export market for U.S.-grown rice, might those days return? Things look promising, but the full answer is not quite ... Read More »

Closing the Gap in Central America

USA Rice Federation is the problem solver for the industry. By Betsy Ward President and CEO USA Rice Federation One of the most valuable players any organization can have is a Problem Solver. Whether you are talking about business, sport or philanthropy, people who tackle problems head on and offer up solutions are the ones who can truly impact the ... Read More »

Your voice in the market

USA Rice works to keep existing markets open and free of barriers as well as find new ones for U.S. rice. All indicators are pointing to a robust rice crop this year despite the devastating drought gripping parts of rice country. According to the National Agricultural Statistic Service (NASS), total planted rice acres are up about 18 percent. Many believe ... Read More »

More than three billion reasons

America’s rice farms are a good bet for conservation Last year, the USA Rice Federation and Ducks Unlimited (DU) formed a groundbreaking stewardship partnership to promote the conservation and enhancement of working rice lands and waterfowl habitat. One of the hallmark products of that partnership was a study of the biological and economic contributions rice habitats make to waterfowl populations. ... Read More »

Letterhead Reinstated

USDA allows statement that transgenic rice is out of the supply. The USA Rice Federation is pleased to report that the U.S. rice industry scored a significant, and perhaps ultimate, victory earlier this year when, after eight years of intense work and under great scrutiny, the USDA announced that it had reinstated the following letterhead statement for use by rice ... Read More »

Deciphering the Farm Bill

Now that the 2014 Farm Bill is finally law, it’s time to break the legislation down and explain what all the options, implications and consequences are for rice farmers. We spent the better part of the last four years working with allies in Congress to ensure the interests of rice farmers were represented, and while the bill the President signed ... Read More »

Bang the Trade Drum Loudly

USA Rice seeks fair and equitable trade for our industry Now that the Farm Bill is behind us, the U.S. rice industry adds renewed focus to a key priority – trade. Producer, miller and export leaders will meet in Washington at the end of this month for the annual USA Rice Government Affairs Conference (GAC), which will cap a month ... Read More »

The future looks bright

USA Rice Federation is working for the entire industry. Stay In Touch With USA Rice • Contact Betsy at • Visit USA Rice at • Check out their You Tube channel at • Follow them on Twitter@eatusrice. Last month’s USA Rice Outlook Conference in St. Louis was a great success. Attendance was up despite inclement weather across ... Read More »